Unlike Konami, EA Sports will not be showing the B-Team this year. In other words: Electronic Arts will also bring a full-fledged part of the football game series onto the market in 2020. The release of FIFA 21 is getting closer. From October 9th, fans will be able to lace up their virtual football boots, then it's just a matter of - just like “Adi Preißler: It's important on the pitch.

The duel between the giants is far less gigantic this year. While Konami gives the first set a break and instead lets the reserve accrue, EA Sports relies on the Dream Team in the Corona year. From October fans can get started and hit the first balls into the net with FIFA 21. Although the release is only a few months away, some important details are still pending. We have summarized all currently known information about FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Release: Kick-off is on October 9th

The FIFA 21 release date has already been set. The newest part of the sports game series will be released on October 9th. If you have pre-ordered the game in the Champions or Ultimate Edition, you can start three days earlier on October 6th. Electronic Arts Spiel-Flat subscribers can access the trial version again in advance, starting October 1st this year.

The release of FIFA 21 comes a little later than usual. Electronic Arts usually brings FIFA offshoots onto the market towards the end of September, but due to the Corona crisis, publication has been postponed by a manageable period of time. EA had published a corresponding statement, in which the constant communication with the football partners and clubs was pointed out.

FIFA 21: Gameplay is in short supply

So far, Electronic Arts has not been particularly generous in releasing gameplay from FIFA 21. There is a mix trailer with sequences from the new FIFA offshoot and Maddel NFL 21, which EA ran under the motto “Feel Next Level”. The entertaining video snippet was shown as part of EA Play Live.

At least: In addition to some quick tracking shots and the presentation of some messages, there is also a second or two of gameplay to see:


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However, it cannot be seen - and also not known - whether the license for the use of Juventus Turin is at the start. Konami had lost the licenses for the traditional Milan clubs AC and Inter Milan at the beginning of July and that via the official website* communicated. What is known, however, is that the licenses for the Spanish Primera División have been extended.

FIFA 21 Crossplay

The topic of crossplay is now discussed in the majority of video games with online mode. While Electronic Arts is at least willing to consider crossplay on games like Apex Legends, that's not happening for FIFA right now. EA confirmed that crossplay would be a "long-term goal" to implement crossplay, but FIFA 21 will probably not implement this. In this regard, there is also no news, so Electronic Arts on the subject. We are working on the integration, it would be submitted later when such an update was available.

FIFA 21 cover star

Speaking of the cover: who will be featured on it this year? The question of the cover star moves fans around the world. There are rumors, guessing rounds, but so far no definitive information. Electronic Arts will likely name the FIFA 21 cover star in the coming weeks, and there may even be several. That wouldn't be new: EA had already shown Virgil van Dijk, Eden Hazard and Zinedine Zidane on the different editions for FIFA 20.

Kylian Mbappé is traded as a possible cover star of FIFA 21. Image rights: EA

Kylian Mbappé is traded as a possible cover star of FIFA 21. Image rights: EA


The trend stars, such as Jaden Sancho or Kylian Mbappé, have good chances, but EA may also surprise with another newcomer. Should Electronic Arts regain the license for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo would also be quite conceivable.

FIFA 21 for the first time on Steam

Many are different in the Corona year, including at FIFA 21. A positive aspect is the new feature that FIFA will be available for PC for the first time via Valve's Steam platform. This follows from the cooperation that Electronic Arts initiated. It has also already been confirmed that FIFA 21 will be released for Google Stadia, but not when it is first released in October, but later in the year.

Fans can of course pre-order FIFA via Electronic Arts' own platform Origin, or in the traditional way in stores. FIFA 21 will be released for the current-gen generation, but also for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. The PC version, however, will correspond to that of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, not the next-gen -Features take into account. Electronic Arts speaks of faster loading times, improved animations, especially in the player movements, which should be much more individual, and the rendering. Pure PC gamers will not be completely satisfied with the decision.

Players who bought the versions for Xbox One or Playstation 4 will also be able to upgrade to the next-gen offshoots free of charge with the release of the new generation of consoles. FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch shows that it can hit players even harder - the game will appear again as a “Legacy Edition” for the hybrid console, basically just the update that Konami is relying on at PES this year.

There are three editions of FIFA 21: In addition to the standard version for around 60 to 70 euros, the more expensive Champions Edition and the even more expensive Ultimate Edition are coming onto the market. Depending on the version, different goodies are included. Standard pre-orders include three gold packs, a cover star gimmick for Ultimate Team, a star player and a few other FUT items. The Champions Edition is packed correspondingly more richly, players then receive, for example, twelve gold packs and a bonus for the career mode. The Ultimate Edition, which by the way will only be available until August 14th, contains 24 gold packs and an exclusive bonus item.

Here is the new one FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer.

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