Electronic Arts announced news about FIFA 21. After that, the career mode will be revised and there will be new options for online play. In addition, the attack behavior of the players in particular should feel more realistic. The sports game developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania will be released on October 9th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

When FIFA 21 comes out at the beginning of October, fans should above all be able to play together more easily and more. As Electronic Arts announced, social elements should lead to a higher level of interactivity with other players.

FIFA 21: Kylian Mbappé adorns the cover

In FIFA 21 coins Players can experience a new kind of street football experience with the “Volta Squads” and play with friends. It's a new way for four players to team up or join the community with other Volta fans. You can then play cooperative 5-on-5 online games. Friends will also be able to play online in the FIFA Ultimate Team from October - then in cooperative mode in FUT.

Eric Cantona is also exciting and is currently being celebrated by fans. The football legend will be the new ICON in the ultimate team mode.

The new reveal trailer for FIFA 21 is here:


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The career mode has also been revised: fans can lead their favorite team to the top again and use new features that are intended to create additional depth of play during games, transfers and training. The career mode should also be much more interactive, among other things due to the new "Interactive Match Sim", a revised simulation system. Players should be able to get in and out of the game to take on key scenes such as free kicks or penalties. Overall, the career mode is becoming more simulation-heavy, especially with regard to team management.

The AI ​​should also have some developer love. Improved Artificial Intelligence, both offensively and defensively, could make the game much more realistic. The focus is also on the off-the-ball moments: This applies to areas such as man marking or duels, but the passing system and dribbling are also being revised. There are also technical improvements, including the animations.

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