Fans have known since the last news at the latest that the Heidelberg game publisher will publish a German version of the strategic board game Star Wars Rebellion. Fantasy Flight Games is now adding interesting details to the SciFantasy strategy game Star Wars Rebellion. And the first detailed information actually sounds extremely exciting. For fans of the classic trilogy, this board game will probably be a must buy. I have summarized all previously published details about Star Wars Rebellion for you in the following article.

The goals of the game against the background story

The story of the first three Star Wars films is already known to fans; and even board gamers with average knowledge of the Star Wars brand know at least the essential story facts. The game goals of Star Wars Rebellion are based on the historical background: As a player on the side of the empire, the aim is to find and destroy the rebel base. This classic "Seek & Destroy" gameplay element is direct, easy to understand, and achievable through the efficient use of military forces and Imperial villains.

The goal of the rebel player is a little more abstract and incomparably more complex. Most of the galaxy is controlled by the Empire, which distributes its power over a variety of planets. So there is no imperial operational base. In order to win, the alliance has to hold out long enough and mobilize as many planetary systems as possible to resist.

A timeline, which also reflects the reputation level of the Rebel Alliance, visualizes the progress. The goal: The rebel marker must reach the time marker. In order to accomplish this, the commanders of the Alliance forces have various strategic options open to them. By completing mission objectives with different point values, the Rebel Alliance plays their way to victory. The focus of this approach is the so-called "Objective Deck", i.e. the mission objective stack that reveals the missions and allocates a number of points. Of course, there are well-known interventions from the film, such as the destruction of the Empire's ultimate weapon using the "Death Star Plans" or a fight between father and son Skywalker.

Heroes and villains

So if Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader can meet, it is certain that the most famous film heroes and villains will also make their appearances in the board game Star Wars Rebellion. In addition to the family duo, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa and Emperor Palpatine are also confirmed in the text. However, I also strongly believe that our favorite droids will be represented, as well as Grand Moff Tarkin and Boba Fett. Of course, the Imperials have such megalomaniac tactical options as the construction of the Death Star, while Rebellion attempt to infiltrate and destroy construction factories through the use of sabotage maneuvers, in order to delay the Empire's plans until other systems have joined the resistance. So you are not only acting out the classic trilogy, but are a central part of it because you are allowed to have a direct influence on the progress of your personal story.

Information plays a key role in Star Wars Rebellion. As the imperial commander, you exclude planets in the course of the game and narrow down the possible locations for the rebel base. But even alliance players know which planets the empire has been able to exclude and do everything in their power to lure the opponent on the wrong track. Because the less effectively the imperial player can act, the greater the gain in time and thus the chance of victory for the rebellion. The game concept sounds extremely exciting and invites you to take a lot of tactical considerations. From Monday, Fantasy Flight Games will continuously publish small bites of Star Wars Rebellion so that fans can get an impression of the game in advance. For you I will of course also summarize the new information

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