For the still young miniature game Star Wars: Legion, Fantasy Flight Games recently announced one of the most popular characters from the world of the Star Wars saga: Boba Fett. 

Equipped with its famous arsenal of weapons, the command extension for Star Wars: Legion provides additional tactical options. FFG names the third quarter of 2018 for the original English version as the publication period. As usual, Asmodee will take care of the German localization. 

"Dead it is of no use to me"

As a bounty hunter, Boba Fett does not belong to any faction of the Civil War, but he fights on the side of the Galactic Empire - because of the lucrative profit prospects.

Equipped with his famous arsenal and a jetpack, Boba Fett is wreaking havoc on the battlefields of the miniatures game Star Wars: Legion. A special tactical trick for players results directly from Boba Fett's profession. He can place a target marker on an opposing commander and thus place a bounty on that unit. If Boba Fett defeats the marked unit, he receives an additional profit point.

FFG announces Boba Fett for Star Wars: Legion

In addition to the game figure, the expansion includes tokens and cards. The latter mainly revolve around Boba Fett's armament. Additional upgrade cards offer players the option to reinforce the bounty hunter himself or other units. His EE-3 blaster rifle penetrates enemy armor, the flamethrower disrupts cover or ignores a block act. The jetpack missile, which is able to wipe out enemy vehicles, is particularly exciting. The wide range of possible uses of Boba Fett make the new command extension almost a must for tactics fans. Lovers of George Lucas' saga won't want to do without the iconic bounty hunter anyway - regardless of whether they play it themselves or heat it up with Han Solo on the opposing side.

The English version of the extension will appear in the third quarter of 2018. German localization will be carried out by Asmodee. Has more information in English Fantasy Flight Games published on the official website.

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