There is a new DLC for Ubisoft's digital version of the card game Uno. Thematically, this is a crossover between Uno and the video game Immortal Fenyx Rising, one of the novelties of the French publisher. Titled Fenix's Quest, the content is available now separately for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC - and coming soon to Stadia.

Ubisoft announced that Fenyx's Quest, the latest DLC for the popular UNO console game, is out now. The expansion of Immortals Fenyx Rising, an exciting new brand, is inspired by the character Fenyx, who appears either as a male or female demigod in search of the salvation of the Greek gods. The new Fenyx's Quest DLC complements the classic UNO experience with new features based on the most iconic elements of the Golden Island and delivers a fantastic twist.

Special edition for fans of the series

Fenyx's Quest allows players to experience the UN game in an immersive environment with a vibrant, Golden Island-inspired board, exclusive themed maps and the Immortals Fenyx Rising soundtrack. Fenyx's quest is fulfilled to free the gods and to banish Typhon's curse.


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At the beginning of each game you receive one of four cursed gods, which you have to free in order to receive the blessing of the respective god as a passive effect:

  • Aphrodite: Becomes immune to all damage from Typhon.
  • Hephaestus: For every three cards played, all cards of a certain color must be discarded. Athens: If the opponent draws a card after not having fought, a random card must be discarded.
  • Ares: Every time a card is played, two random cards of the same suit are discarded.

Anyone who already owns the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft can also play: Fenyx's Quest will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S thanks to backward compatibility. The UNO Ultimate Edition can also be obtained, which grants access to Fenyx's Quest and all other UNO DLCs.

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