The board game based on Ubisoft's Far Cry games series is ill-fated: the crowdfunding campaign got off to a slow start, and Funforge has since canceled the project on Kickstarter. The publisher admits that despite a game idea that they worked hard on, they weren't able to convince potential fans enough. 

Funforge wants to go back to the drawing board with Far Cry Beyond, which the publisher announced when the crowdfunding campaign was canceled. With 30.000 euros in income at the time of the premature hiring, it was anything but successful. Funforge had also recognized this - they stated that they had reached an insufficient amount so far. The decision was made against the background that Kickstarter campaigns generate a particularly high level of attention, especially in the first 24 to 72 hours, and the income is then correspondingly high.

Funforge: Didn't reach Far Cry fans

The publisher had aimed for 100.000 euros as a financing goal. The first criticism from the fans came quickly: Some said that you could not get a good picture of Far Cry Beyond's gameplay. As a reminder: The board game is based on Ubisoft's successful open-world shooter series, in which the open game world is one of the biggest features. Apparently, the video game's popularity alone hasn't attracted enough fans, which goes to show that a big name alone doesn't guarantee success.

Players sometimes found it difficult to relate the board game to Far Cry at all - for a board game that uses a licensed theme as an anchor point, this is a problem. Funforge's idea of ​​a Far Cry board game focuses on a campaign whose individual missions players should have completed together. Various heroes, skills and adventures, even loot and an "open game world" were conceptually imagined by Funforge - the whole thing was then dipped in a neon look, which at best has something in common with the "Blood Dragon" part. It was a kind of spin-off of the third installment in the series, now almost ten years old - the memory should have faded even among fans. Connecting the board game to a modern day Far Cry was difficult. Not least because Ubisoft even worked with a star cast for the latest part of the series and thus gave the game “a face”.

Only around 230 supporters decided to start the crowdfunding campaign, and support from well-known influencers apparently didn't help much either. The publisher noticed this early on, and at least that is what they are now saying as an update on the cancellation of the campaign: Something went completely wrong, the target group could not be reached. Despite media work (social platform, influencers and press releases), ultimately no interest could be generated. The result was the small sum of 30.000 euros in the most important Kickstarter phase.

The vicious circle, which could hardly be avoided in view of the campaign structure: the fans could no longer be presented with stretch goals because the progress was not realised. The all-in-pledge was even comparatively moderate at 230 euros - albeit without shipping costs and taxes.

The fact that Ubisoft apparently gave its blessing didn't help either. In any case, Far Cry fans could not reach Funforge.

According to their own statements, Funforge now wants to learn from the mistakes. There is no information about a possible restart of the campaign so far.

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