The lovable fantasy game Anna's Quest from developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment is finally available for consoles. Since 2015, PC gamers have been able to plunge into the jumble of adventures made up of black humor, likeable characters, a lot of nonsense and tons of puzzles. Now the adventure is also available for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. 

- Daedalic Entertainment released their adventure Anna's Quest on consoles today. The lovable fantasy game is now also available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for around 20 euros. The PC version was released in 2015 and offers an exciting story full of black humor, likeable characters, a lot of mischief and puzzles.

Point-and-click: Adventure with a fairy tale theme

Anna's Quest is a hand-drawn point & click adventure based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, with numerous puzzles that players have to solve. The self-deprecating fairy tale tells the story of Anna who tries to help her sick grandfather but is locked up by an evil witch instead.


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With the help of her newly discovered telekinesis and a whole series of well-known fairy tale characters, she is now trying to escape her prison and find a cure. On her journey she fights witches, trolls and dragons, uses medieval torture tools as well as modern equipment, gets help from a seedy fox and even makes a pact with the devil.


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Anna's Quest [PC / MAC Code - Steam] Anna's Quest [PC / MAC Code - Steam] * 1,99 EUR


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