The Schwaderlapp family from Wiesbaden has published a board game that addresses the corona pandemic. It is called "Corona - with zeal into business!" and this is the program. Attention, hoarding of purchases is not desired in the game either. Anyone who skillfully escapes the virus in the Corona board game, makes the most important purchases, exchanges and donates goods with fellow players, helps others or annoys them skillfully and finally manages to sprint to the neighboring house can outsmart the pandemic, at least in the game.

In the board game "Corona - with zeal into business!" the neighbor of the players belongs to a risk group. As in real life, solidarity is also important on the field and the players do their shopping.

But that's not that easy: You shouldn't be infected by the general shopping madness, if you buy unimportant items and then do not exchange them or hang on a fence of gifts, you lose the game.

Solidarity counts in the Corona board game

According to the game description, the players not only have to fear the corona virus, some obstacles also make shopping difficult. If you make it into the store successfully, you should only buy important things, such as toilet paper or flour. If the shelves give it away and are not exactly sold out. Meanwhile, the virus moves around the board. Players who come into contact with him by encountering the virus token on a field must be quarantined.

Hamsters must be exchanged or donated. But not every player is concerned about the well-being of the others. In the board game with Corona as the theme, the players can decide to cross-pass and make life difficult for their fellow players with sneaky tackles. In addition, action cards come into play, which can change, complicate or simplify the course of the game. After the successful purchase, the players then have to make their way back to the neighboring house unharmed. The game variant and thus the degree of difficulty of "Corona - with zeal into business!" can be individually adapted.

Corona - with zeal in business !: Profit shares are donated

The family of authors has decided to donate ten percent of the profit of every game sold. The proceeds flow into a Namibia project, the NGO Kinder eine Chance eV and a Wiesbaden housing aid association.

The Corona board game will appear between February and March 2021 with a revised second edition, then with new game variants, among other things. The game can now be played on the specially created for the project Homepage can be pre-ordered at a price of 38,40 euros. There is also a Christmas version for 48,40 euros, of which a donation of 15 euros is supposed to go to the children a Chance eV. The funds are intended to help protect children in Uganda from the dangerous infectious disease malaria.

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