With the skill and movement game, HCM Kinzel launched its first family game with electronic components - and thus won over the jury of the Tommi children's software award. The Swabian publisher took third place in the “Electronic Toys” category and only had to admit defeat to Lego's competitors with Super Mario Adventure and Osmo with the Genius Starter Set.

With Tap it! the only toy similar to a board game entered the race. The concept by HCM Kinzel was nominated because of the pronounced electronic components in the “Electronic Toys” category, in which, among other things, Super Mario Adventure by Lego was nominated. In the end, HCM Kinzel was unable to prevail against the cooperation product from Lego and Nintendo, and the Osmo Starter Kit also ranks ahead of the Swabians, who ultimately secured third place in the Tommi 2020 children's software award. A total of four toys were nominated in the category.

Tap it! speaks to several age groups

Tap it! from the HCM Kinzel publishing house is one of the winners of this year's children's software award. The movement and action game for children and adolescents aged eight and over took bronze at “Tommi”. Not least because the action-packed game concept is especially fun for children. The children's jury said: “Tap it! wins at TOMMI 2020 because it's a very good family game. There are different modes. We even did sports with it and had to jump and run a lot. It's great fun because you need a very good memory and you have to react quickly. "

Four wirelessly connected buzzers promote reaction and speed and get players moving. Around 900 children tested the games and educational software nominated by an expert jury in 20 libraries.

The family game is one of this year's autumn novelties from the Zaberfeld-based publisher and will be available in stores as an autumn novelty. "We are very pleased that we are among the winners of this award and that with our first own electronic game," say publishers Markus and Christian Kinzel. "We are very convinced of Tap it !, because it encourages reaction and movement in a playful way."

The video shows how the family game works:

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The parlor game offers four variants: Tap it, Switch, Memo and Pong. The hemispheres flash depending on the game mode. In the Tap it game mode, you press the buzzer with your own game color as quickly as possible to get the point. If the color changes, you should keep your hands off it, otherwise the point goes to the other player. At Switch it means "run to the right buzzer". And that before another player could buzz on his color, because with a "touch down" all colors change. Memo is a classic game in a new form, where the challenge lies in correctly repeating the order in which the buzzer lights up. The fourth game mode, Pong, is a type of table tennis in which the ball of light is hit back and forth. No matter which game you have chosen, the buzzers show after each round of the game which color has been buzzed the most.

The expert jury is also impressed by the idea, but at least criticizes the sounds that Tap it! the following can be heard: "Tap It" is a game in which children have to press various buzzers as quickly as possible. These can be distributed as far as possible in the room, so that there is always a lot of acrobatics to react quickly. It works well and is fun. If only it weren't for the horrible sounds that remind you of a fire alarm. " The experts see the flexibility of the player groups as particularly positive: Tap it! be "entertaining, especially with several people, several age groups can play well together."

Tap it! is one of the autumn innovations from HCM Kinzel and is available in stores at a price of around 40 euros. Up to eight players can take part, in principle there is also the possibility of linking the central buzzer with up to 23 other hemispheres.


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