For the brand HUCH! Hutter Trade has announced another new board game for April. With "King of the Valley" there is a slightly tactical family game with clear rules and set collection as the central mechanism. 

Medieval themes are always a popular setting for board games. In the HUCH! novelty King of the Valley each player manages their own kingdom. Without subjects, however, a kingdom is not very impressive. In the surrounding area and especially on the mountain, however, it is teeming with possible subjects. This is to be lured into their own kingdom.

King of the Valley - Over hill and dale

To be the true king, you need to have the most standing at the end of the game. In order to obtain this, whoever has the turn moves their own king figure over the person tiles in the valley and can thus place subjects in their own kingdom or activate specialists who bring special advantages. On the nearby 3D hill you can already see which subjects will soon be found in the valley. These subjects can also find their way into a kingdom for a fee in advance. The players score for collected subjects. It's also worth collecting selected combinations, because bonus points await you at the end.

The king walks through the valley

Each turn consists of four phases. In the first phase, which is available from round two onwards, subjects can be recruited for the gold corresponding to their row on the mountain. In the obligatory second phase you move your king piece in a straight line across the 5×5 grid of characters in the valley. Then it is possible to get either the tile on which the movement ends or 2 or 3 of the same ones that you moved over. If the tile is a specialist, the effect is applied immediately.
If there are now 5 subjects with different influence values ​​in the kingdom, the kingdom bonus can be claimed. You get gold and a kingdom marker for this. In phase four, the valley is now filled up again from the mountain. The player whose turn it was may decide from which of the two hill columns from the bottom upwards the tiles are to be taken.
The end of the game is triggered when this step can no longer be completed because the draw piles are exhausted.

The player with the most fame points wins.
The game is suitable for 2-4 kings and queens from the age of 10 and has a playing time of 40-60 minutes. The game will be released in April.

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