With Fire & Stone, the new family game by successful author Klaus-Jürgen Wrede will be released by Pegasus Spiele in January. This is announced by the publisher. As early humans, the players explore - starting from the cradle of mankind - the initially unexplored world. The price is around 40 euros.

Game fans know the name Klaus-Jürgen Wrede not least in connection with the game of the year 2001, Carcassonne. In his latest family game, Fire & Stone, he invites two to four players from the age of ten on a journey to the beginnings of mankind.

Journey to the beginnings of mankind

They lead their tribe of early humans from the African cradle of mankind out into the whole world by moving their scouts across the game board and discovering new regions and fields. Every space that the players can enter contains discovery tokens. If a pawn moves onto one of these tiles for the first time, it is turned over.

The discovery effect - such as building a new settlement - is now carried out first, then the end of the game can also use the action. This is now available to all players who move onto the field. Settlements can be expanded, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and nuts can be found and collected. In addition, the tiles also hide forests in which the players can hunt animals, as well as fireplaces where they can prepare the meat they hunted.

Those who lead the most successful tribe through the Stone Age through expansion and development will decide for themselves this family game, which was overseen by the Tierra del Fuego games editorial team. Invention cards that offer new tools and techniques such as shipbuilding or pottery help accelerate progress. In addition, all players receive a secret task card at the beginning of the game, which earns extra points at the end of the game.

A mysterious cave that always spawns in a new location introduces a discovery effect and one of 24 different rule changes. In addition, the game board is unique every time due to the random distribution of the tiles and "no two games are the same". Pegasus Spiele also sums up this title: "Fire & Stone not only offers a lot of variety and always new challenges for casual gamers, but also for experienced gamers". The board game is to be released in January at an RRP of EUR 39,99.

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