If video games weren't part of family time, it's only a matter of time before kids ask about the mostly colorful, digital games. What may seem like wasted time to some parents out of ignorance, in fact teaches children a whole range of important skills in a playful way. Many games for children are ideal as family games. And sometimes the grown-ups find so much joy in the supposed children's video game that they secretly continue playing after the little ones have been put to bed.

Video games offer a number of advantages: With digital games, children can easily learn to make decisions, take responsibility, resolve conflicts and plan ahead. Creativity and social skills, especially in multiplayer games, are by no means neglected. No wonder then that video games for children are constantly improving in terms of gameplay and graphics. They are usually in no way inferior to those for adults.

Video games for children are all the rage

We have selected ten exciting video games for children and families for you. From well-known favorite heroes like Super Mario and Zelda to Snoopy, there is something for every child, young and old.

Off to the island! With Animal Crossing: New Horizons

USK 0 - video game for families: The videogame "Animal Crossing: New Horizons“, By gaming expert Nintendo, is a sugar-sweet simulation game in real time. Here you can discover, collect, build and live a digital life on a brightly colored island of fables. The game begins with a tent that the player receives at the beginning of his journey. Now all that remains is to decide on a suitable place to live on the island and a new adventure in the game series, which gamers of all ages has enjoyed for many years, begins.

In “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” you can interact with cute islanders, expand and improve the living area and surroundings of the island, grow and dismantle useful products, plant and harvest plants, fish, collect and sell them again. In addition, the character can be completely redesigned and there is a lot to experience on the island, depending on the season.

Animal Crossing - Digital Island Vacation in Video Game. Image: Amazon

Animal Crossing - Digital Island Vacation in Video Game. Image: Amazon

Depending on the time of day, more surprises and tasks await the player. In the real-time game for children and adults, there is always something to experience, without any specifications or time pressure. Changing residents and visitors as well as the redesign of the island environment ensure exciting variety. If that is not enough for you, you will find additional entertainment and possible tasks in the daily news and the washed up message in a bottle.

New to “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is that players can make online purchases, book trips to other islands and receive new game content via a “Nook Phone” and the “Nook Bonus Miles Program”, which must first be activated. The video game is accompanied by relaxing music and thus has something of a temporary vacation. Available is "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for that Nintendo Switch.

Build your own amusement park in Planet Coaster

Build your amusement park in Planet Coaster. Image: Amazon

Build your amusement park in Planet Coaster. Image: Frontier Development

USK 0 - video game for families: “Planet Coaster” is a building game from Frontier Development, with which the whole family can spend fun hours together. The aim of the video game is to build a functioning amusement park. So far, you can choose from three different game modes (challenge, career and sandbox).

The challenge mode is for the future financial expert of the park, while the career mode has a variety of tasks to complete. The sandbox mode of the amusement park game should be particularly interesting for families, because it invites you to freely design.

At “Planet Coaster” creativity means what it should! Objects can be viewed from almost any angle and objects can be attached in the process. In terraforming mode, the park environment can be created almost completely from scratch and completely crazy design, such as levitating buildings, objects and nature, is possible with clever clicks.

Older players can build the entire park according to their own dreams and younger players can easily fall back on templates. At the end of the park design, the players happily jump into the rides of their own amusement park. The video game is so far for the PC and the consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 released and will be available for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 appear.

With Bibi & Tina at Martinshof, riding dreams come true

USK 0 - video game for children: “Bibi and Tina at Martinshof” is a video game from Markt + Technik for children who love riding and little fans of Bibi & Tina. In this horse game, the young player can expect almost everything that a real equestrian center has to offer. The riders can choose from 10 horses available, including the Bibi and Tina stars Amadeus and Sabrina.

An open world around the Martinshof can be explored at walk, trot and canter. Meanwhile, great photos can be taken and hidden objects found. In addition, there are six exciting mini-games waiting for the rider, all of which revolve around horse care: showering, feeding, hoof care, massaging, decorating, grooming. But what would a riding stables be without competitions like those of the checkpoint, hurdles, orientation, path, slalom and race or pursuit riding? Pretty dreary. That is why the video game “Bibi & Tina auf dem Martinshof” offers young and old players exactly these tournaments. Child's play is available for the consoles Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Dancing competitively with your grandparents: Just Dance 2020

Animal dancing in the video game Just Dance. Image: Amazon

Animal dancing in the video game Just Dance. Image: Ubisoft

USK 0 - video game for families: The video game, part of the dance game “Just Dance” by Ubisoft, is fun for the whole family. Here, the players dance to current hits from the music world, following the dance steps of on-screen dancers. This often leads to funny moves, especially when a player swings his hips with two left feet. But even when played solo, the video game is fun for children and adults alike. For soloists, “Just Dance 2020” has the world dance floor ready. Whoever enters it will compete against other players from all over the world in an exciting online dance battle.

The base game of “Just Dance 2020” contains 40 danceable songs. These can be topped up to over 500 additional titles with a paid Unlimited subscription. In addition to the world dance floor, the video game for dance enthusiasts offers an all-star mode in which the players can travel to planets and dance to 10 more songs from past “Just Dance” games. “Just Dance 2020” is for that Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Wii and the PlayStation 4 appeared.

In Snoopy's Great Adventure in Finding the Peanuts

USK 0 - video game for children: In “Snoopy's Big Adventure” by Activision Blizzard, little adventurers accompany the cute dog Snoopy through places of his imagination. The goal is to save all of his Peanuts friends, especially Charlie Brown. The feathered Woodstock, with which the players can also play in 2-player co-op mode, and the Beagle Scouts are also part of the game.

Snoopy Jump and Run for kids. Image: Amazon

Adventurous Snoopy Jump and Run for kids. Image: Amazon

The jump & run video game is easy to play throughout and without time pressure, so that young players in particular will find joy in it. In “Snoopy's Great Adventure”, players have to run, hop and fly over hurdles and obstacles, for which there are often great skills and rewards. If you also find all Beagle Scouts in the game, you will receive a great surprise. And the peanuts are not neglected either! Between the sequences, the little players can look forward to comic strips from their popular friends. The video game was released for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Ostwind the game takes players on a horse adventure

Ostwind - A video game with horses. Image: Amazon

Ostwind - A video game with horses. Image: Wild River Games

USK 0 - video game for children: “Ostwind das Spiel” by Wild River Games is a treat for children in love with horses. The young riders can expect an open world full of horse adventures at Gut Kaltenbach. The game is based on the movies of the same name and books about horse whisperer Mika and horse Ostwind.

In “Ostwind das Spiel” the player takes care of his horse. He takes care of it, provides enough exercise, in the form of rides, and pays attention to his health. Of course, a large portion of affection should not be neglected. This is the only way horse and rider can endure all adventures at the equestrian farm together, where Gut Kaltenbach is to be explored, tasks to be performed, friends to be met and well-known film and book locations to be visited. The game is accompanied by Ostwind's film music and a child-friendly riding stables setting. The video game with horses is for the PC and the consoles Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 .

Go back to the past with Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Ages 6 and up - video game for families: The videogame "Super Mario 3D All Stars”From Nintendo is full of nostalgia! The popular classics “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” are waiting to be discovered by children and rediscovered by adults. While playing, you can tell exciting stories from your own childhood. The games have been revised so that they match the modern Nintendo Switch Console can withstand.


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"Super Mario 64”Was the first video game title about Nintendo's popular Italian plumber, in which all the power stars hidden within the classic have to be found. In addition, Mario hops into the paintings of the Mushroom Palace and finds himself in tricky jump & run sections.

In "Super Mario Sunshine”It's off to the radiant Isla Delfino, on which quite a few opponents are already waiting for the player, but luckily the player is supported by the powerful Dreckweg 08/17 water pump backpack. "Super Mario Galaxy”Can be played alone or in pairs. The adventure of the Jump & Run series takes place in space and Mario's task is to help Rosalina and save Princess Peach. If only it weren't for the villain Bowser trying to destroy these plans.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Escape from Cocolint
The video game Zelda delights families. Image: Amazon

The video game Zelda delights families. Image: Nintendo

Ages 6 and up - video game for families: In 1993 Nintendo's video game "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" was released for the Game Boy for the first time. With the remake for the Nintendo Switch Console parents can indulge in old times and children can experience part of it in a playful way. The video game was adapted to modern requirements, but also contains classic game elements from the Game Boy version. The players experience adventures in the style of a 2D platformer.

Link, the popular main character in the Zelda series, is shipwrecked and stranded on the island of Cocolint. The goal of “The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening” is to find your way back home, but it's not that easy: Link's safe journey home requires exploration and collecting. Because this is the only way to wake up the windfish that can bring it home. You also have to pass numerous dungeons full of nasty enemies and interact with the residents of Cocolint. In doing so, the players repeatedly discover characters that are known from other games, such as Super Mario. Little and big tinkerers get their money's worth with the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening”, so they can collect chamber stones while playing and use them to build their own dungeons.

Action-packed dungeon crawler in Minecraft guise

Ages 12 and up - video game for families"Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition ”is an action adventure game from Microsoft that was inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and is based on the popular game“ Minecraft ”. The video game, which is equally suitable for children and adults, can be played alone, in online co-op mode or locally with four other brave players. In the “Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition”, courageous heroes fight their way through dungeons within the Minecraft universe, as the title suggests.

The aim of the action adventure is to save the villagers and defeat the villain Erz-Illager. The players can choose between melee, ranged or a kind of tank hero. Meanwhile, the opponents wait in canyons, mines and swamps to be fought with weapons and objects.

Video game Mincraft Dungeons offers a new gaming experience. Image: Amazon

Minecraft Dungeons video game offers a new gaming experience. Image: Amazon

But, contrary to what is usual for big and small lovers of “Minecraft”, the crafting (production) and the dismantling and assembly of the well-known world of blocks are dispensed with. Here the dungeons with their puzzles, fights and the loot are in the foreground. In return, the player is rewarded with experience points, enchantments and items that give the game a new whistle. "Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition" is for that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch are available as assessories. PC has been released and will be available for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 appear.

Defeat the chaos of a meteor in Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups

USK 0 - video game for children: Oh no! In Bandai Namco's video game “Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups”, a meteor wreaked havoc. Now it is up to the brave player to eliminate this. But it's not just Adventure Bay that is completely out of joint, the meteor has suddenly given dog lovers powerful powers: With the help of the super fast Chase, the heated Marshall, the whirling Skye and the entire Paw Patrol team, the player can do everything again put in order?

Preview Product Rating Price
Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups - Rescue Adventure Bay... Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups - Saving Adventure Bay... * 24,98 EUR

In the video game with dogs, seven paw-tastic missions and mini-games await the little rescue heroes. In addition, there are a lot of leisure activities such as rope jumping to discover. Whether in the adventure bay, the snowboard resort or in the jungle, there is always a task ready for the Fellnasen team. The cute dog game can be played solo or in the cooperative 2-player mode. The video game is for that Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One appeared and will be for the next-gen console Xbox Series X appear.

Video games for children and families not only offer plenty of reason to be happy, they also have a learning effect and are perfect as a gift for holidays or as a souvenir on special occasions.


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