The north German small publisher Spielefaible publishes the German version of the family board game Wangdo. Set in an Asian setting, bear clans fight for the royal crown. The idea for the board game comes from the trio of authors Frank Crittin, Grégoire Largey and Sébastien Pauchon and is aimed at 2 to 4 players, ages eight and up. The playing time is about 30 minutes. The German edition will deliver Spielefaible from mid-September.

At Wangdo, bear clans fight for supremacy in Northeast Asia and the coveted royal crown. The Asian setting in this board game is no coincidence. Wangdo first appeared last year with the Korean publisher Mandoo Games; the family game was one of the Innovations from SPIEL'18.

"Wangdo convinced me immediately"

The ingredients seem to have been made for an entertaining family game: Wangdo makes do with a few catchy rules and impresses with its good looks and feel. The short playing time of 30 minutes does not overwhelm younger players. Nevertheless, the mechanisms are tricky and allow well thought-out tactical moves.
Enough reasons to offer the board game in a localized version. For publisher Henning Voss from Spielefaible, this results in a first-class experience for the whole family.
Wangdo immediately convinced me. You can feel the love for the board game in every little detail. The bear figures in particular are extremely successful. But even beyond the first impression, our novelty knows how to captivate. In test rounds we have found time and again how the players dive into the topic, look for ways to be successful and like to follow up on further games. In addition, Wangdo can also be played perfectly from the gut. For me it's an excellent family game. 
Henning Voss, game fanatic
The bears' battle for the crown follows a simple but tricky pattern. In your turn you can either organize new bear figures. To do this, he draws three random bears from the supply bag or he takes two specific figures from the temple. The problem: bears have to be placed next to bears of a different color. That limits the possibilities.
Wangdo: Already the material of the family board game encourages playing. Photo: André Volkmann

Wangdo: Already the material of the family board game encourages playing. Photo: André Volkmann

The aim of the game is to collect all the knowledge chips you need and place them on your own tableau. If you are able to take a chip by cleverly placing a bear, you place it on your board. Whoever has two identical chips there receives a seal card. These make the moves easier during the game or count as additional victory points at the end. The player with all eight chips wins.
At Wangdo, the players have the best chances of replenishing their bear supply in a timely and tactical manner and placing one of the furry royal candidates in the appropriate village at the right moment. The game presents itself as a tricky yet catchy title for the whole family.

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