Carrera Crazy Driver: What sounds like a racing game is exactly that - but spiced up with a bit of technology. Rudy Games has officially announced its new family-friendly board game with app support. The title will be available in stores from October 26th, just in time for SPIEL-digital. Pre-orders are already possible.

Take a traditional brand and some smart technology, leave the steering wheel to the Austrian game maker Rudy Games and you will come up with at least one good idea. The Linz start-up stands like no other game studio for the consistent implementation of board or card games with supporting software programs.

No matter if Scubi Sea Saga, Quiz it !, Lost Galaxy or the debut Leaders: none of the games can do without app support. In the niche of the Hybrid games Rudy Games has established itself in the meantime, now the creative Austrians are pushing a new, innovative title with Carrera Crazy Driver.

Big brand, big expectations

Carrera Crazy Driver is not even commercially available when the game is already on the nomination list for the "Top 10 toys 2020", that raises expectations among potential players and the target group - there is also the cooperation with Carrera, the toy brand that has accompanied many a childhood for years.

Drive side by side? Not so with Carrera Crazy Driver. There are also gimmicks used on the routes. Copyright: Rudy Games

Drive side by side? Not so with Carrera Crazy Driver. There are also gimmicks used on the routes. Copyright: Rudy Games

The design already shows: Carrera Crazy Driver presents itself as a family game. For two to four players, ages eight and up, it's all about action, speed - and probably also fun. What it's about is simple and it's what you'd expect from a car racing game: Be the first to cross the finish line. Overtaking maneuvers, drifts around the end of corners, pure acceleration - Carrera Crazy Driver should have it all. In addition, there are more daring stunts, something when it comes to flying over a ski jump or using slingshots and magnetic coils. A modular route system and various modes should provide motivation.

The concept is supported by software that players can access via smartphone or tablet. Carrera Crazy Driver also includes various mini-games, like those from Rudy Games' other games, such as Interaction or Lost Galaxy. The app should not only be useful in a playful way; it should also make it easier to get started with the board game itself. Roll over thick instructions? Not necessary because the app explains what players have to do.

Carrera Crazy Driver from Rudy Games can already be pre-ordered and will be officially available in stores from October 26th, punctually for

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