2022 Frontier Developments unveils the starting driver and staff ratings for F1 Manager 2022, the new officially licensed F1 management simulation game, coming August 30th (August 25th for pre-orders) for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and the Epic Games Store appears.

F1 Manager 2022 offers fans an unparalleled F1 experience that captures the world of F1 and the exciting responsibility of managing a team in unprecedented detail. From the paddock to the podium, players must make decisions on and off the track to ensure their success.

Aspiring Team Principals will have all the data at their fingertips as they prepare to build their careers in Formula 1 when F1 Manager 2022 launches on August 30 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Selling price of 54,99 euros comes onto the market. Players who want to stay ahead of the competition can pre-order the game digitally and experience F1® Manager 2022 five days early starting August 25. The game is also available in physical format for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a suggested retail price of €54,99.

Authenticity in focus at F1 Manager 2022

Authenticity is key to F1 Manager 2022 and the driver ratings are no exception. Working closely with Formula 1, each driver's overall standings are influenced by a combination of nine performance ratings, all determined by real-world race data. Each factor is calculated using multiple information points, creating a data-driven rating that incorporates past performances up to and including the 2022 season to date. As players and their drivers advance through the season, these ratings will be adjusted to reflect their development as they gain experience throughout their careers.

The starting performance ratings are divided into three sections, each containing three individual attribute ratings. The "Pace" ratings affect the driver's raw speed and cover the areas of cornering, braking and reaction, while the "Consistency" values, such as accuracy, control and smoothness, largely reduce the likelihood of driving errors. Finally, the “Racecraft” values ​​allow drivers to adapt to changing conditions. These stats include Adaptability, Passing, and Defending.

In addition, each driver has their own aggression rating, which determines how likely they are to attempt an overtake when a racing accident could occur. There is also a growth potential score, which indicates how likely it is that their skills will develop positively in the future.

However, victory does not only depend on the drivers. Also crucial to a team's success are the people who work both at the track and at HQ to maximize the potential of the car. Similar to drivers, each employee has their own starting rating, which changes as they gain experience.

So these reviews only serve as a starting point. Team Principals can directly control the development of their drivers and staff by assigning development points to each performance evaluation as experience increases. Each driver and employee develops and improves their skills at a different rate. As in the real world of Formula 1, there are not only rising stars, but also veterans who are at the end of their careers. A variety of dynamic nuances can cause these ratings to change throughout the season.

An additional influence that team leaders need to consider is the role of headquarters. A well-maintained, state-of-the-art facility allows a team to develop better components, gain experience faster, and boost individual employee morale.

Players can view each of these performance ratings in detail on the F1 Manager 2022 official website and learn more in an official live stream. The official F1 Manager 2022 Rating Livestream can be viewed here on July 20th from 17pm CEST): www.twitch.tv.

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