Even if there will be no regular game fair in Essen this year, the publishers will publish more new games and additions to games that have already been published. We would like to gradually give you an overview of the announced expansions until SPIEL.digital. Let's start with mad alchemists, a city full of animals, beautiful windows, many many words and a kingdom in Tetris shapes.

The Quacksalbers von Quedlinburg: The Alchemists

Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

The second expansion for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018 by Wolfgang Warsch is to be published by Schmidt Spiele for SPIEL Digital. The Alchemists expansion adds new laboratories to the basic game, in which the players must try to free Quedlinburg from nightmares, hysteria and obsession. To play, the expansion requires the basic game and can be combined with the first expansion, The Herbal Witches. The game will cost 20 euros and will be released on October 15th.

 In the basic game the Quacks from Quedlinburg up to four players take on the role of the eponymous quacks. The goal is to brew the best potions. The game by Wolfgang Warsch uses the bag building mechanism for this. This means that tiles are gradually thrown into their own bag and, in each round, a few tiles are drawn out at random. The players must always keep an eye on the crackers. If a quack has too many of them in the potion, no more ingredients may be drawn. Whoever has brewed the tastiest potions after round nine, that is, has collected the most victory points, wins the game.

Tiny Towns: Villagers

Image rights: AEG

Image rights: AEG

The second expansion for Tiny Towns is also due to appear in English in November. In addition to new building cards, the expansion will also contain new meeples.

However, these are not new buildings. Instead, with the Villagers extension, the animal residents are moving into tiny towns.

Tiny Towns was published in German by Pegasus Spiele last year. The clever puzzle game caused quite a stir in 2019 and was considered a hot candidate for the game of the year in the community. In the game, the players collect resources in certain arrangements on their 4 × 4 board in order to build different buildings. Pegasus Spiele publishes the first expansion Fortune in German in October. It is not yet known whether the Villagers expansion will also appear in German.

Sagrada: The Great Facades - Life

Copyright: Pegasus Games

Copyright: Pegasus Games

The dice placement game Sagrada is getting a second major expansion for SPIEL Digital. Sagrada Life adds two modules and additional mission cards to the basic game. With the expansion, players have the opportunity to create masterpieces that are difficult to achieve but also offer greater rewards.

In addition, apprentices can be hired who can be used once during the game. Both the English version of Floodgate Game and the German version "Vita" by Pegasus Spiele are due to be published in October.

In Sagrada, one to four people place colorful cubes on their tableau. Different requirements have to be met. Thematically, a new church window is being sought for the Sagrada Família church. The players try to create the most beautiful church window. To do this, they can use tools and complete various mission cards to receive bonus points.

Just One: New Terms

Image rights: Asmodee / Repos

Image rights: Repos

The award-winning word guessing game "Just One", which was published in Germany by Asmodee Germany, is back on the road to success. That Game of the Year 2019 is also receiving an extension for SPIEL.digital, the name of which says it all. Just One: New Terms contains over 500 new terms and two new panels. With the expansion, the game can be played by up to nine people.

Just One by Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter is a word association game with a little twist. One person draws a concept card and places it so that everyone but the person can see the concept.

Everyone else separately write down a word that they think fits the term shown. Before the ignorant person is allowed to guess, all terms that have been written down several times are sorted out. So it is important not to write down words that are too obvious. The task of the group is to work together to guess as many terms as possible from 13 cards.

The cartographer: new discoveries

Copyright: Pegasus Games

Copyright: Pegasus Games

Just like Pretty Clever or Again, the Flip and Write game Der Kartograph now has a small expansion with a new scoring block. The New Discoveries expansions get two blocks.

Once the same block as in the basic game and another double-sided block with an alternative layout. There are also four monster cards that can be shuffled into the base game. Should appear in October for ten euros at Pegasus Spiele.

 In 2019 the cartographer by Jordy Adan appeared. The game is a so-called flip and write game. The players reveal cards every turn and then enter the shape shown on their scoring pad. After four rounds with two scores each, the person with the most points wins. The cartographer was nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres this year.

That was a first overview of some of the expansions that will appear as part of SPIEL Digital. Which extensions are you looking forward to and have you already pre-ordered some of the described extensions?

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