Kosmos is launching a Lord of the Rings spin-off as part of its exit series. The puzzle game also comes from Inka and Markus Brand, who announced the title last spring. 

* Update *

The publisher Kosmos has informed about its novelties. Accordingly, the exit game for The Lord of the Rings will appear in March 2022.

*Original message*

With the puzzle game series Exit, the publishing house Kosmos has caught the zeitgeist. So much so that new spin-offs have been released continuously. The author couple Inka and Markus Brand are responsible for the implementation - the new exit decoupling with the Lord of the Rings license was already mentioned in May 2021 via Twitter. At the time, the response on social media was mixed, but it was only a brief note with no release date. That's getting closer now.

A series of puzzles to rule them

Anyone who has developed a taste for Kosmos' exit puzzle series should not only have played one of the numerous titles. Because abandoned huts, creepy laboratories or pyramids are obviously boring topics in the long run, you now dare a trip to Middle-earth. It was already clear last year that a licensed version of the exit series would come, so far it was unclear when the Lord of the Rings exit game should appear. The game has now appeared in Kosmo's US shop with a release date: the title should come out in June 2022.

The premise is well known: Middle-earth is in peril. Frodo and his companions set it right and set off for Mordor to destroy the One Ring. But they need help! Not by dwarves, elves or horsemen, but by clever board players who plod through the puzzle material in one to two hours. The destination: Mount Doom.

Authors and Kosmos not only use the license to visually put their stamp on the pack - the content is also about stories from JRR Tolkien's fantasy universe. The idea remains the same: players work together in a team of up to four companions - or face the tasks alone - and gradually solve different puzzles of different levels of difficulty. Try it out, search the material, combine - on the way to the goal you have to overcome various escape challenges. If you don't know what to do, you can ask the wise Gandalf for advice. He can give hints, but this costs the player round points. The faster the team is, the higher the score.

Exit: The Game – The Lord of the Rings comes from Inka and Markus Brand, the author couple who also came up with the exit games. In any case, there is plenty of experience in dealing with the puzzle, because there are now well over 20 products in the “exit universe”. Each game in the Exit series can only be played once, the material will be destroyed. Exit: The Lord of the Rings: Shadows over Middle-earth is scheduled for release in June 2022. the Costs are given as around 20 US dollars.


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