With Evil Dead Rise, a kind of horror classic returns to the big screen. The film will start in cinemas on April 21st. Even Bruce Campbell, "Ash" from the original films, is there - but only as a producer. 

It's already clear from the first trailer: Evil Dead Rise wants to be in the running for the award for the scariest horror film of the year. The basic idea is based on the legendary Evil Dead trilogy by Sam Raimi, in which Bruce Campbell as Ash taught demons to fear with his chainsaw arm. Both Raim and Campbell are also involved in Evil Dead Rise, but both only as producers. This also makes it clear: the second new edition from the horror classic series will also be given a completely new coat of paint without Ash. 

Evil Dead Rise: Evil Trailer

In 2013 Evil Dead was the first reboot of the series from the 1980s to 2000s. In this country, the films are known as The Devil's Dance, The Devil's Dance 2 and The Dark Army - and they went through a development. The films evolved from pure horror flicks into fantasy fun with elements of horror and comedy. Sam Raimi set standards, and many modern horror film directors are inspired by his ideas at the time. 

With the reboot of the brand, the film idea changed. Evil Dead from 2013 by Fede Alvarez was brutal and ruthless - pure horror. Lee Crobin, who is now directing Evil Dead Rise, has announced similar carnage for his film. And the first trailer suggests that's exactly what's going to happen. According to "Comingsoon.net", more than 6.000 liters of fake blood are said to have been splattered in the horror flick. Much of it also apparently ended up on the face and body of Alyssa Sutherland, who plays Ellie. 

The trailer already contains explicit scenes. What exactly fans will expect, however, remains unclear. It could be atmospheric demon horror, but it could also be a gory splatterfest. It will probably be a mixture of both, as you can at least read from the individual scenes in the trailer. Again and again, violent and atmospheric sequences alternate. Incidentally, the location of the film is Los Angeles and no longer some lonely cabin in the woods.  

What remains of Tanz der Teufel: the book bound in human skin as the starting point of the horror. 

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