Of course, in the anniversary year, Kosmos Verlag is not resting on its laurels on the spring innovations. Many new releases have also been announced for May. In addition to many new items in established series, there are also some independent innovations.

The month of May stands for something new. Flowers and blossoms sprout. New games are springing up at Kosmos Verlag. Many established series are growing. Here's something new for fans of EXIT, Ubongo  and my city But some independent titles have also grown and are waiting to stretch out from the shelves of many board games in the direction of the sun. Three of the innovations are already available. The other titles are expected in the course of the month.

My City Roll&Write - city building with cubes

Before in the fall with MyIsland the successor to My city is released, the Roll&Write version of the legacy game nominated for Game of the Year 2020 is coming in May. In the spirit of its big brother, the Roll&Write variant is also about creating unique cities. In four chapters, each with three games, the players have to face new challenges. Land is developed and gold is found. This in turn brings bandits onto the scene for the players to deal with. Over the 12 varied games, they experience the rise and history of their own city.

The game is recommended for 1-6 people aged 10 and over. You have to reckon with a playing time of about 30 minutes per game.

Another novelty comes from an author that many should know thanks to a kangaroo. In Abracadabrien by Marc-Uwe Kling, 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, create magical landscapes in about 30 minutes. As everyone plays at the same time, towers miraculously rise and fall, rivers swell and disappear, forests grow and transform. You move back and forth in your own area with the aim of having the most points at the end. The three expansions with ghost, order and event cards ensure even more and more varied fun.

Double replenishment for Ubongo fans

For fans of the fast puzzle game Ubongo there are two novelties. The new card game variant has been inspired a little by domino games. Everyone gets nine cards with six Ubongo symbols on them. You then try to match seven of the nine cards together as quickly as possible. The "Ubongo" call of the fastest ends the current round and scores 10 points. Whoever has collected the most points after 6 rounds wins. The card game variant is suitable for 2-4 people aged 8 and over and has a playing time of around 20 minutes. The card game is the last game of this listing that is already available now. All other titles are due out later this month.

Who likes it a little faster than with the Ubongo card game, is at Ubongo trigo find it. Here 1-4 players from the age of 7 play a game in only about 15 minutes. In this variant, the parts are triangular. The basic principle of simultaneous puzzles is of course retained. On the task cards, which are available in two levels of difficulty, the players are confronted with two tasks that have to be completed faster than the others. After eight rounds, the points collected again decide who has won the game.

On a world tour with EXIT

The popular EXIT series is also being replenished at the advanced level. In The Legacy of the World Traveler The aim is to solve puzzles in the well-known EXIT manner and to decipher the legacy of the late Professor Ian Jonasson. This was an archaeologist and loved puzzles. His travels took him around the world. The players search for treasures that were thought to be lost in a wide variety of locations, decipher codes and translate secret writing. As usual, this EXIT game is suitable for 1-4 players and has a playing time of 45-90 minutes. It is recommended for ages 12 and up.

As for ubongo, there are also two new titles in the Suspects-Row. Here the players accompany detective Claire Harper and have to collect clues, question suspects, investigate the crime scene and investigate together to solve the case. Both cases are recommended for ages 12 and up. 1-5 detectives need between 90 and 150 minutes to solve the cases. Thematically it goes in Deadly tracks to the Scottish Highlands. Here it must be clarified what happened in the Villa Allister. Find out who murdered young Mary Higgins and who is behind her husband's mysterious disappearance.
In Last Appearance the players and Claire Harper end up in Edinburgh. In a famous theatre, the main actor has been killed by a prop during rehearsal. The case doesn't look like an accident. The investigation will show who is playing the wrong game in the "Kings Theatre".

Biting monsters

In the card game Allie Gator Is that it The aim is to collect as few negative points as possible. This works well as long as you find matching cards among your five hand cards. You play the appropriate card and then draw a new one. If there's nothing in your hand, grab it Allie Gator and gives minus points. Funny special cards always provide surprises. The game comes in a practical "Open&Play" magnetic box. Here we the box to the playing field. The fast family game is recommended for 2-5 people aged 8 and over. The playing time is about 25 minutes.

Please do not open - snappy is not an invitation to choose another game, but the title of the book series of the same name on which the game is based. In this cooperative dice game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, the players help Oda, Fred and Nemo to find Yeti Icy's home. As it snows in the middle of summer in the small town of Boring, the friends must search for clues before the town descends into snow chaos. In addition, Icy has to face the headmistress, Mrs. Dr. Spargel and their yeti hunters are hidden and dice tests are passed. A round please do not open plays in about 20 minutes.

Finally there is another double pack and the authors of the EXIT games appear again. With Monster Trap Push… and boom! the new edition of the prize-winner in the children's game category at the German Games Prize 2011 appears in large and small editions. You have to catch the monsters in the old mansion. To do this, they must be pushed through the house and into the monster traps. This has to be done because Grandma Frieda is in front of the door and would be terribly frightened if she saw the monsters. Thanks to the clever structure and the sliding mechanism, the big version, which was also nominated for the children's game of the year 2011, can be played with 2-4 people aged 6 and over in about 20 minutes. The compact sliding fun in the smaller box requires just as many players. It is recommended for ages 5 and up and takes about 5 minutes less.

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