Just a few days ago, Everspace 2, the successor to the space loot shooter Everspace, was launched by Rockfish Games on Steam in Early Access and GOG Games in Development. With the title, the Hamburger Spieleschmiede is already celebrating a respectable success in the early stages: the space shooter temporarily made it to the top of Steam's top seller charts. 

Everspace 2 from Rockfish Games was able to top the charts worldwide for two days and attract attention as a Steam top seller. Now the space shooter remains on a respectable bronze spot in the German top seller charts. Fans are eagerly awaiting the space loot shooter that at the German Developer Award 2020 in the “Most Wanted” category.

Everspace 2 is expected to be released in 2022

Everspace 2 is far from finished. The space game is currently in Early Access, meaning it's available to buy and play, but is still in development. Until the full version is released in the first half of 2022, Rockfish Games plans to "significantly" expand the current scope of the space opera.

"The launch of Everspace 2 in the Early Access and Games in Development program exceeded our wildest expectations and we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both fans and press around the world," said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games. You were confident anyway, because you started with 260.000 wish list entries on Steam in Early Access.

Everspace 2 was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter: Rockfish Games collected around half a million euros as part of the campaign, with a target of 450.000 euros. Almost 8.000 fans participated in the "swarm funding".

There is also an official release trailer for the start in Early Access:


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"We would never have dared to dream that we would be number 1 in the global Steam Charts in no time at all and after a few hours with 3000 simultaneous players even more than double the record of the predecessor in the first big sale," says Schade happily. With currently around 94 percent positive ratings, the game "seems to have hit the mark with tens of thousands of space-loving players," according to the CEO of Rockfish Games. "We are super proud of our team and our community and look forward to every further milestone."

Everspace 2 relies on a significantly further developed game concept compared to its predecessor. For example, the focus is noticeably on the story: the game continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first part of the series. Starting with two sprawling star systems that can be explored freely by space pilots, players experience Adam's emotional journey and personal development from an immortal clone space pilot to an individual of character whose death has final consequences.

Even if Everspace 2 is currently in an early development phase, content is available: According to Rockfish, the current Early Access version includes more than 25 hours of gameplay and all of the core mechanics of the intended final version. The game costs on Steam around 38 euros.


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