Everspace 2 is currently in the Early Access phase. The developers are working on the first major update to the space shooter, which will, among other things, bring new ship classes and mission types into the game. The new content under the title Union: Contracts / Heartland is due to appear on April 28th. Everspace 2 is available on Steam and GOG; the full version for PC, including Mac and native Linux support, is planned for summer 2022.

The developers of the Hamburg-based game company Rockfish Games are hardworking and are working on the first major update to the space looter shooter Everspace 2, which is currently in Early Access. The update has been named Union: Contracts / Heartland - it should be released on April 28th and then contains, among other things, new mission types, ship classes, activities and challenges, improved game balancing, a new outlaw sub-faction that introduces special equipment with set bonuses, and another companion.

New bomber shoots huge energy ball of destruction

Three main and three side missions as well as some additional side activities will be central points of the new update to Everspace 2, these are located in the second star system Ceto. "Everspace fans will remember Elek, leader of an outlaw gang from the Everspace: Encounters expansion," reads the announcement about the upcoming update release. “The new main mission to rescue Elek introduces combat and exploration gameplay into a cave system deep beneath the surface of a planet where so-called Cave Crawlers live, fighting invaders with highly caustic spit attacks. After being rescued, Elek can be summoned to assist in combat as a wingman with a new perk.”

This Union: Contracts/Heartland update also makes available the first of the announced ship classes in Everspace 2: the Bomber. The heavy ship class space vehicle has exceptional abilities to use ship power instead of ammo for sub-weapons and to partially regenerate the ship's hull from damage dealt to enemies - allowing players to pulverize their targets "without breaking a sweat".

And then there's something even better: The ship's "Ultimate" unleashes the ARC-9000, a "huge energy ball of destruction," according to the announcement, that damages all ships in its vicinity and explodes on impact.

Another new ship is to be released in a post-update patch: The light class Vanguard is suitable for space pilots who prefer a faster hit-and-run style of play.

In addition, during the ongoing story campaign, players will encounter completely new pursuit missions and puzzles that add even more variety to the gameplay. Furthermore, the level cap has been increased slightly, with which additional pilot perks can be unlocked, while player progression and game balancing are improved through more intelligent opponent behavior and their revised attributes as well as generally adjusted XP and drop rates over the entire course of the game. Every Friday from 20 p.m. to 22 p.m., the developers present the current build of the game in a talk.

Everspace 2, the successor to the looter shooter Everspace, was more than successful at the time Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been financed. Almost 8.000 fans had raised around half a million euros to support the developers in realizing the project. Since then, Rockfish has been working tirelessly to complete the space game, this time with a much stronger narrative element in the center.

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