Drake: Gang Wars, the largest Everspace 2 Early Access update, brings fire & ice to space. Drake: Gang Wars is the biggest early-starter update yet, featuring an all-new star system, previously unknown factions, new side missions, and many improvements.

Independent AA developer Rockfish Games today released the first of two updates to Everspace 2 planned later this year on Steam and GOG, with a Windows Store release to follow shortly.

Drake: Gang Wars expands the Everspace universe with the all-new Drake star system, featuring stunning landscapes of lava and ice, underwater exploration, new enemy types and status effects, all-new challenges, and a three-chapter side quest that will take daring pilots deep into the new star system .

To celebrate this huge update, Everspace 2 is also available for the first time in Early Access with a 25 percent discount, making it cheaper than ever. Since the price will increase when the final version is released, interested players should take advantage of the current offer.

New star system for Everspace 2

The new Star System contains more than a dozen carefully handcrafted environments with mesmerizing backdrops for intense spaceship combat or for free exploration as there are many hidden things to find, numerous puzzles to solve, secrets to discover and challenges to overcome. Controlled by three new factions called the Coalition, Retaliators, and Zurilia, each region of the new system consists primarily of lava and ice landscapes. These elements add new game mechanics to Everspace 2, because the pilots' spaceships are at the mercy of the elements and can take heat or cold damage. In addition, if you dive too deep into the icy sea on planet Gilbert, the water pressure can become dangerous.

"Thanks to a large number of passionate gamers, the market for space games has developed very far - from a small niche to a highly competitive market," explains Rockfish Games CEO and co-founder Michael Schade. "However, we believe that Everspace 2 offers a unique experience that has already been rewarded with almost 90 percent positive ratings on Steam. Our world-class team has outdone itself with hard-hitting, eruptive action in Drake's lava fields and exploring icy icy planets and frigid asteroid fields in space. My personal favorite is where our pilots have to defuse underwater mines and plant demolition charges in a gigantic, half-sunken space station. I've never seen anything like this in any other game and we can't wait to see the reaction from our fans."

New missions...

The new missions serve as an introduction to the Drake system, and while the campaign finale isn't coming until the full game, the new content already gives a taste of what players can expect in the final battle. In addition, the maximum player level in the Early Access version of Everspace 2 has been increased to 25, three new pilot perks and several new companion perks have been added.

In addition to the above innovations, new passive abilities for all ship specializations and new bonus attributes for secondary weapons have also been added. This expands the possibilities for different playstyles and ship setups in Everspace 2 and is perfect for pilots who like to tinker with their ships. High-risk areas now also contain mutators to provide an even more intense challenge for hardcore players. TrackIR and AMD FSR have also been added to the game.

In general, Everspace 2 is nearing completion — with just one more Early Access update pending launch: Ancient Rifts will give players a first taste of endgame content with challenges and extremely high risk and extremely valuable reward before the team will put the finishing touches to the game on version 1.0. Some balance adjustments and quality-of-life improvements are also planned.

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