No more cute! Everdell is rumored to be coming out in a new version, this time aimed at adult board gamers in particular. The first US YouTubers have already been able to test a prototype of “Everdell Zombies – Blood Edition”. One opinion: "It's going to be really, really intense".

Gone are the days when the enchanting valley of Everdell was enchanting. In a new zombie version of the board game, the residents have been infected by a virus that turns them into bloodthirsty zombie rodents. Many peaceful years have passed, but now the time has come...

Cooperative board game against zombie rodents

According to rumours, the Everdell has not only been adapted visually for the zombies version, but also in terms of play: instead of a cozy worker placement in front of a tranquil backdrop, the “Blood Edition” is supposed to be cooperative. Players fight together against hordes of bloodthirsty forest dwellers, defending themselves against infected raccoons or brainless mouse clans, for example, who prefer to attack in groups.

"Experts" who got wind of the first prototypes are shocked: "This game does not belong in the hands of children," said a researcher from a pedagogical institute at some university. American YouTubers have apparently already been able to test Everdell Zombies. "Awesome" is what one says - the title seems to be completely convincing in terms of play. "You will be hooked," says another. One of the best-known board game influencers spoke of a “violent psycho trip” that players will not soon forget. Criticism of the game has so far only come from youth protection groups and scientists. The influencers, on the other hand, agree: It will be a blatant experience.

As known from zombie board games, Everdell Zombies: Blood Edition will be equipped with lots of plastic: the makers promise 1337 miniatures, and expansions are already planned. An oversized field mouse statue with sound and light effects from the 1980s should be available for purchase as additional content. At a steep price of the equivalent of 1.500 euros - but you get another hour and a half of gaming fun.

It is still unclear when and how Everdell Zombies: Blood Edition will be released. Up to four players aged 18+ can grab an axe, saw knife or flamethrower and throw themselves at the zombie rodents. The makers have managed to turn a once celebrated connoisseur game into a simple mass and material battle - you have to dare to do that first.

Only one question remains: in whose city will the sun shine brightest before the blood moon rises?

Unfortunately, there is only more information here..


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