Starling Games and Pegasus Spiele made it easy for the jury to award the Graf Ludo: A colorful, imaginative setting in the forest, cute animals and a good portion of dreamy atmosphere - and the decision was already made, Everdell with a prize for the most beautiful Award family game graphics. The jury's reasoning reads exactly like this. At least one can follow the decision: Everdell is one of the very pretty board games of the season. 

Everdell from Pegasus Spiele was awarded the Graf Ludo in the category “Most Beautiful Family Game Graphics”. On Friday morning, the game with the atmospheric illustrations by Andrew Bosley was awarded the game graphics prize by the jury at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel trade fair in Leipzig. Since 2009, Graf Ludo has been awarded for outstanding game graphics as part of the Leipziger Messe model-hobby-game. In addition to a jury, players can also cast their votes via the online specialist retailer's player network. The focus of the award is on the graphics of the board games. One of the three nominated games is awarded in the categories "Most beautiful family game graphics" and "Most beautiful children's game graphics".

 Cute, busy forest dwellers in dreamy Everdell

Everdell, which is visually and playfully outstanding and knows how to inspire with its detailed and lovingly drawn illustrations, was named the winner in the category “Most beautiful family game graphics” by the jury. One to four game ends in James A. Wilson's game use cards to build their own town in the peaceful, wooded valley of Everdell. The appealing and imaginative illustrations by Andrew Bosley underline the game theme and make you want to get to know the animal inhabitants of the peaceful forest valley better. The second edition of the basic game will appear in autumn / winter 2021. The 2nd edition of the Pearlbrook expansion as well as two new expansions, Bellfaire and Spirecrest, are expected to appear in the first quarter of 2022, according to Pegasus Spiele.

The reasons given by the Graf Ludo jury for the award of Everdell: “Who wouldn't want to live in dreamy Everdell and help the cute, busy forest dwellers to build up their small towns? The button-eyed architect certainly doesn't mind a little help from the well-meaning gambler. And anyway, you immediately feel welcome in Everdell - even at the sight of the playing box, where a small stream gurgles towards you, morning rays of sun pour through the trees into the forest and small, busy beings set off to do their day's work.

At first glance, one might think that the three-dimensional tree or the detailed plastic coins and berries make you feel so strongly involved in the magical happenings, but it is the graphic design that pulls the player even more under the spell of this forest world. While the clearly designed game board essentially houses the card marketplace, life in the villages takes place on the playing cards laid out, where twitchy buildings fit organically into the landscape. On the cards you can also find the cute inhabitants who look at you from the playing cards as if you were interrupting their activity, so vividly you have artistically captured them and given them personality.

In a simple worker placement game, the idyll develops through the seasons with the help of the player, and with luck and skill you can create a flourishing, happy little world. Then the teacher crow looks up from her book and I find recognition in her gaze. Time for an after-work drink in the rustic tavern! "

In addition, the jury nominated the gyro adventure game Ghost Adventure as one of the three most beautiful children's games of the year 2021. Graf Ludo-Jury says about Ghost Adventure: “Here it is clear at first glance: The young and older players have a fast paced game with Ghost Adventure To embark on a course through fantastic landscapes. And to make the adventure even more challenging, the journey between all the obstacles must be completed on a roundabout. Striking and varied, the design of the various adventures is perfectly matched to the literally multi-layered game material. "

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