Just a few weeks ago, something really big was delivered from Everdell with the Complete Collection. Now there is another novelty from the picturesque valley. This time it is aimed at children from 6 years of age. Currently only the English edition has been announced, but with the success and the large fan base that the game has, a German localization does not seem unlikely.

In one of the most popular games on BoardGameGeek, players are tasked with building their own town in Everdell Valley. With its short rules and the great mixture of worker placement and tableau/engine building, it captivates the players. Of course, the beautiful artwork by Andrew Bosley is also responsible for the great success. In addition to the base game, there are now five expansions that cover the entire world of Everdell.

In addition to the adults building their "real" cities, there are of course also children in Everdell. They build their own fantasy cities. Many mechanisms of the great everdell are also represented in the novelty.

My 'lil Everdell - Plays with the children of Everdell

Worker placement is again at the heart of the game. All around, however, it was shortened a bit so that the game is also suitable for younger children. For example, there are no stones as a resource, only wood, resin and berries.

Gameplay is a bit more focused. There are five phases in each round and the number of moves per round is fixed at three.

At the beginning of each of the four rounds, the resource dice are rolled and placed on the playing field. Then all green buildings are activated in any order. As in everdell will these also in My'lil Everdell also activated when playing. All other building types can also be found in the small version. The effects of each type are consistent with those of the large everdell comparable.

In the third phase, the players place their workers, collect resources and can then play a card on the meadow for the specified costs. If you have met the requirements for a parade (five buildings, five animals, one card of each color or three cards of the same color), you take the corresponding card and place it in front of you. 

In the last two phases of a round, the workers return and the round marker and starting player marker are advanced. 

At the end of the game, leftover resources can be converted into points. The purple cards are scored and together with the victory points of the cards, the victory point tokens and the parades you get your own score. 

Many of the card names look familiar from what has been announced so far. The effects of the individual cards are also similar to those in the "big" everdell The changes made will definitely make the game more accessible and the game will be much more linear. How well it is received and whether it is related to the success of everdell It is up to the families and children who play it to judge.

My'lil Everdell is suitable for 1-4 people from the age of 6 and is played in about 30 minutes. There is currently no information about a German localization. However, this doesn't seem unlikely given the number of fans everdell in the board game world.

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