The author couple James A. Wilson and Clarissa A. Wilson have announced a new title together with Starling Games with Flourish. In the card game with draft mechanics, players have to create gardens that are as beautiful as possible. It is currently unclear how the card game will be sold: Flourish could be financed through Kickstarter, but alternatively it could also be sold directly as a title.

According to James A. Wilson, the Draft card game Flourish is aimed at one to seven players and therefore also has a solo mode. In addition to the playful aspects, it should be the illustrations that are the focus of the overall impression. The illustrations are by April Borchelt, Christina Qi, Dann May, and Naomi Robinson.

Flourish: Kickstarter or directly in stores

Not much is known about the new card game from the two Everdell makers. What is certain, however, is that a signature edition of the title will first appear again. How this will happen is uncertain. Tabletop tycoon boss Dan Yarrington, to which the company owns the "Starling Games" brand, among other things, has confirmed that the financing situation has not yet been finally clarified due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter and going directly to retail are possible options for publishing the first edition.

In addition to the game elements, the artworks are the focus. Image rights: Starling Games

In addition to the game elements, the artworks are the focus. Image rights: Starling Games

In Flourish, one to seven players try to plan and then lay out the most beautiful garden possible. In this way, horticulturists collect points that decide between victory and defeat. According to the first description, the authors James A. Wilson and Clarissa A. Wilson developed Flourish as a beginner-friendly card game with easy-to-learn rules. A highlight: The deck drafting card game can be played competitively as well as cooperatively.

At its core, Flourish relies on a special draft mechanism in which players can still keep most of their cards in hand. The game is played at the same time, so the downtime should be minimal. Some cards also have special abilities in order to exploit synergies - also with the cards of the neighbors. So you can not only pass on unusable cards in the draft, but also try to pass cards that other players display, but give you points yourself.

A release date for Flourish, which is distributed by Starling Games, is not yet known.

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