As announced by the publisher Pegasus Spiele, the board game Everdell will appear in the second localized version in the spring. The strategic expert game was financed by Starling Games in 2018 via crowdfunding via Kickstarter, and it was extremely successful. The expansions Spirecrest and Bellfair as well as Pearlbrook followed. The latter will also be available with the release of the German-language base game. 

The imaginative setting around cute animals and their idyllic homes has become a success with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign: Starling Games generated around 475.000 US dollars with the strategic worker placement board game. Before that, the creators said they had worked on the game for around five years in order to be able to combine the two mechanisms - worker placement and tableau building.

Everdell: worker placement for cute animals

The board game by author James A. Wilson (among others Flourish) enthusiastic game fans then and now to build their own town in the wooded valley of Everdell. Reason enough for the publisher Pegasus Spiele to roll out the second localized version. Everdell and the German version of the first Pearlbrook expansion are expected to be available in April.

The board game is aimed at up to four players, but also has a solo mode. The recommended age is given as ten years. In rounds, the players place their animals in different places on the board in order to collect resources - including berries, resin, twigs or pebbles. As alternative courses of action, cards can be exchanged, events triggered, new buildings built in the city or animals settled. The buildings play an important role with regard to the game strategies, because certain animals react to certain structures: “The judge likes to sit down in a city where a court is already in place,” says Pegasus Spiele, giving an example.

Everdell is aimed at up to four players, but can also be played alone. Photo: Volkmann

Everdell is aimed at up to four players, but can also be played alone. Photo: Volkmann

As the game progresses, players optimize their actions in order to ultimately close the year victoriously. Another highlight: The game takes place over several seasons, the entry of which players choose themselves. Timing is a must.

Simultaneously with the publication of the second German version of Everdell, Pearlbrook is the first expansion in a translated edition. The eponymous river is the focus of the game: “In their turn, the players now also have the opportunity to send ambassador frogs to the river to collect the new resource, pearls, to come into contact with the inhabitants of the river or the function of the Activate river locations, ”the publisher explains about the Everdell expansion. As additional tactical elements, pieces of jewelry come into play, which grant bonuses and victory points. A new race provides more variety and increases the replay value.

Even if it sounds like this at first: Everdell is a board game with a strategic claim, but anything but bulky. The title is therefore aimed at both connoisseurs and casual gamers.

Source: Pegasus Games

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