With Bellfaire and Spirecrest, two expansions for the Kennerspiel Everdell were recently released by Pegasus Spiele. New adventures and challenges in and outside of Everdell Valley await the end of the game.

The Bellfaire and Spirecrest expansions add new game boards, modules and components to the Kenner game by James A. Wilson, which won the 2021 "Count Ludo" game graphics award for the illustrations by Andrew Bosley, expanding the world of the peaceful Everdell Valley. Both expansions require the base game to play and, like this, contain solo variants.

New adventures and challenges 

For 100 years now, the residents of Everdell have been populating the valley and diligently founding new towns. To celebrate, the royal couple declare the year a jubilee year and the whole valley celebrates Bellfaire. The Bellfaire expansion includes, among other things, a new game board that can be used instead of the Evertree. There are three new modules to be found on it: The Flower Festival brings a new simple event into play and players can buy and sell resources on the market. The royal couple also presents the royal award for outstanding achievements. To do this, the players draw an award tile in each game. Those who end up with the most cards of the corresponding type in their city are rewarded. Bellfaire also introduces new special events, cardinals and toads as new workers, and unique abilities that offer players individual benefits such as a higher hand limit or resource jokers. The expansion also makes it possible to play with five or six players.

New adventures await not only in Everdell, but also outside the valley! Brave mountaineers can now explore the mountains of Spirecrest and discover mysterious places, meet rustic residents and, with a bit of luck, even come across one of the legendary giant creatures. With foxes, owls, lizards and moles, players have an even larger selection of characters to choose from. In Spirecrest, the players move their travelers through the mountains on an additional game board. They collect pieces of maps, overcome dangerous paths and defy weather influences from snowstorms to heat waves over the course of the four seasons. In order to win and be remembered by the residents of Everdell for all time, a unique expedition must be planned using the map pieces found and a magnificent city founded. Spirecrester greatly increases the complexity of the base game. It is therefore recommended not to combine it with other extensions.

Also recently available is the second edition of Everdell's first expansion, Pearlbrook. In Pearlbrook, the players discover an underwater world. To do this, they send ambassador frogs to the Pearlbrook River to collect pearls with which they can create fabulous wonders and jewels in their city. Deep beneath the river's iridescent surface, they'll also encounter previously unknown aquatic creatures and stunning new buildings. The second edition of Everdell: Pearlbrook has been expanded with material from the Freshwater upgrade pack and now includes more pearls, 3D wonders, new cards and three new races: axolotls, platypuses and starlings. Everyone who bought the first German edition of Everdell: Pearlbrook in the Pegasus Games and Tabletop Tycoon version can get the Freshwater Upgrade Pack from where they bought the expansion.

Customers who have ordered the game from the Pegasus Games Online Shop will automatically receive the upgrade pack, the publisher further reports.

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Pegasus Spiele 57600G - Everdell (German edition) Pegasus Spiele 57600G - Everdell (German edition) * Currently no reviews 51,99 EURAmazon Prime

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Pegasus Games 57604G Everdell: Pearlbrook, 2nd Edition (German... Pegasus Games 57604G Everdell: Pearlbrook, 2nd Edition (German... * Currently no reviews 37,99 EURAmazon Prime

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Pegasus Games 57602G Everdell: Bellfaire Pegasus Games 57602G Everdell: Bellfaire * Currently no reviews 35,99 EURAmazon Prime

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Pegasus Games 57603G Everdell: Spirecrest Pegasus Games 57603G Everdell: Spirecrest * Currently no reviews 44,99 EURAmazon Prime

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