Everdell will appear as a digital board game for PC, smartphones and tablets. This was announced by Dire Wolf Digital as the developer studio responsible for the project. The worker placement board game originally published by Starling Games remains on the road to success.

The successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter already gave an inkling that good times would come for Starling Games and their work Everdell. There are now numerous expansions, the game including additional content in German, sold-out editions - and soon a digital version of Everdell.

Everdell digital will be released in 2022

Everdell remains a phenomenon: As Dire Wolf Digital, among other things the makers behind the digital board game adaptations of Root or Räuber der Nordsee, announced that the digital version of Starling Games' successful board game will appear next year. The release is planned for PC, smartphones and tablets. Everdell digital will initially be available via Steam as well as in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

It is still uncertain whether implementations for consoles are also planned. However, the chances are good that Everdell could digitally find its way onto the Nintendo Switch - after all, that was the case with Root. Because Dire Wolf Digital has not yet confirmed this, console gamers have to be patient.

The award-winning board game Everdell was released in 2018 under the Starling Games' brand via Tabeltop Tycoon and has been a kind of constant topic ever since. At the latest with the implementation of a German-language localized version by Pegasus Spiele, the title has also become known to a large number of players in this country.

Dire Wolf Digital has experience in the implementation of digital board games as well as in the development of high-quality physical board games, including Klong! and Dune imperium. Both titles were published in German-language versions - via Schwerkraft Verlag and Asmodee Germany.

Aside from the mere announcement of the digital version of Everdell, there is no significant information, but the video game version is likely to stick to the board game template. The developers have roughly outlined the release period at 2022.

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