King, pirate or holy warrior: New history is now available with Lions of the North. The Baltic States is the thematic focus of the new expansion for Europa Universalis 4.

For nearly a decade, Europa Universalis IV has encouraged players to experience exciting alternate histories of the early modern world. In the latest immersion pack, Lions of the North, drastically different pasts are unfolded before our eyes. Denmark could keep its northern subjects in check. The Teutonic Order could retire to its former Crusader glory. Gotland could become a pirate paradise.

What-if gimmick

All these dramatic "what if" games are now possible in the new expansion that puts the Baltics in the spotlight. With branching missions, more government options for major players, and even new military units, Lions of the North is packed with variety and excitement.

Dozens of new alternative historical paths are open to players with the new expansion.

The highlights of the Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North Immersion Pack at a glance:

  • Expanded Branching Missions: Choices made along some mission trees will determine what options will be available in the future. This allows players to follow different paths.
  • New mission trees for Denmark: Simultaneously with maintaining power in Scandinavia, the players expand their influence on the northern German cities.
  • New mission trees for Sweden and Norway: With the liberation from Danish dominance, a base on the continent transforms into the base of a northern empire.
  • New Mission Trees for the Teutonic Order, Livonian Order and Riga: Players can choose to follow the path of religious zeal or secularize their empire in a forward-looking way.
  • New Mission Trees for Poland, Lithuania and the Commonwealth: Vast lands on the border between East and West pose unique challenges for ambitious rulers.
  • Other mission tree changes: Pirate Kings of Gotland, unique options for a united Scandinavia, a free Finland and a mighty Danzig.
  • New Government Reforms and Property Privileges: Some regional powers will have unique governance options and new ways to win the favor and influence of local properties.
  • New Units: The Swedish Caroline Infantry and the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars are available for recruitment.
  • New Unit Art: 35 new army sprites for regional powers.
  • New music: 3 new Scandinavian songs plus 3 more Baltic songs.

Lions of the North is accompanied by a major update to Europa Universalis IV, free for all players. Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North is available now at a suggested retail price of €14,99.

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