The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia is intensifying its commitment to esports and is sponsoring the new Esports Academy NRW together with the esports player foundation (epf).

The academy aims to support young esports talents from North Rhine-Westphalia on their way to the national top through targeted support measures. The support measures include game-specific coaching, sports medicine and sports psychology advice, hardware equipment, nutritional advice and dual career planning.

Youngsters can apply

“North Rhine-Westphalia has developed into a strong home of the computer and video game industry. We are counting on a great future for esports on the Rhine and Ruhr and are expanding funding for this," said Media Minister Nathanael Liminski. Like classic sports, esports also unite values ​​such as community and fairness and make inclusion and integration even easier.

“With the Esports Academy NRW, we help dedicated esports players on their way to the national top. It's also about personal development and professional perspectives for athletes," says Liminski

In the first year of the long-term Esports Academy NRW, 30 ambitious esports athletes will be supported for at least twelve months in the games "League of Legends", "FIFA" and "Brawl Stars". 

Jörg Adami, co-founder of the esports player foundation, adds: “The Esports Academy NRW enables talented esports players to train in a highly professional environment in order to get used to the routines of professional athletes. The state government is thus setting an ideal anchor for future professionals to get started and for the first time unites grassrots and professional esports.”

The esports player foundation is the world's first not-for-profit funding institution committed to the holistic promotion of talent in esports. Since it was founded in January 2020, numerous talents have been supported on their way to the top of the world by planning dual careers, professionalizing training and teaching a responsible way of life.

Talents from North Rhine-Westphalia can now register at apply. The application phase ends on December 12, 2022.

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