There is no need to explain to a true gamer what eSports actually is. Others seem to have little use for the sporting events in the context of virtual competitions. Nevertheless, around one in five Germans (19 percent) has already watched broadcasts of eSports competitions. This is probably also thanks to TV stations such as Prosieben MAXX, who show the trend available to everyone on television.

One in 13 million

Anyone who has ever watched eSports is one of around 13 million people. A year ago, the share of eSports viewers in Germany was 16 percent. The interest is particularly high - and this is hardly surprising - among the younger ones: 16 percent of the 24 to 44 year olds have already watched eSports games.

This was announced today by the "game - Association of the German Games Industry" based on representative survey data from the opinion research institute YouGov.

Around three percent were live at a tournament: here ESL One Cologne 2018. Photo: André Volkmann
Around three percent were live at a tournament: here ESL One Cologne 2018. Photo: André Volkmann

Most often, eSports matches are viewed as recorded: 14 percent of Germans have already watched a competition in this way. Every twelfth (8 percent) followed eSports matches via live stream, another 3 percent were live at a tournament.

“The increasing number of viewers for eSports underpins the growing interest in digital sports in Germany. Especially with many younger people, eSports broadcasts are an integral part of media use: Free live streams and recordings as well as parallel chat options with other fans from all over the world set a standard against which other sports broadcasts will have to be measured in the future. "

Felix Falk, managing director game

Overall, the awareness of eSports is increasing, as shown by the representative results of an eSports survey that game has already published: Around two thirds of Germans (65 percent) have already heard of digital sport. That corresponds to around 45 million people.

Information on the survey data:
The survey data is based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2.014 people took part between July 25.07.2018, 30.07.2018 and July XNUMX, XNUMX.
The results were weighted and are representative for the German population aged 16 and over.

A year ago it was only around every second German (55 percent). The proportion of Germans who have already heard of the term eSports and know what it means has risen particularly sharply: within one year, the proportion of eSports connoisseurs rose from 29 to 37 percent. That corresponds to a growth of 6 million people.

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