Moses Publishers is launching a new puzzle book: Escape Room by Gareth Moore. A mysterious video game emerges and literally sucks the young readers into the game. Locked up in the video game is now: How do you get out again?

Everyday G

In the Escape Room book, a mysterious adventure awaits curious children from the age of 9 years, which has a happy ending with a clever head, the included 3D elements for handicrafts and a bit of luck.

Book full of puzzles

The interactive puzzle book is full of tricky codes, brain teasers, messages and picture puzzles to solve. The pre-punched craft shapes from the inside cover help – but which object is needed for which question? If you get stuck with a task, you can get tips from the help cards. Finally, you can check whether you are right on the last pages of the book.

Escape Room combines an exciting story with tricky puzzles, great illustrations and 3D craft shapes. Only those who solve the tasks correctly can escape from the video game.

The hardcover book costs around 15 euros and has 48 pages.

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