Escape rooms are still trending; also on domestic board game tables. Ravensburger is now bringing this experience into the third dimension for your own four walls. The new Time Guardians series, which combines 3D puzzles and escape rooms, starts with two titles. There are also other innovations that should be interesting for puzzle fans as well as puzzle lovers.

One can get the feeling that with Escape and Exit games everything must have been said and done at some point. At least since then EXIT The game by Kosmos was Kennerspiel des Jahres in 2017, escape games are all the rage. Fortunately, there are more and more providers that offer escape games that are not destroyed after a single play and are therefore more sustainable than the games in the award-winning series. There are always innovative ideas. 

Time Guardians - A world without chocolate?

The new series is both playable several times, since nothing is destroyed, and innovative timeguardians, which has now been published by Ravensburger. In both of the adventures in the series that have now been released, the players must play Dr. stop mayhem. This travels to different places in the past and manipulates history. Of course, these changes in the past also have an impact on the present. Players must act as Time Guardians to save the world and save the moon landing or (perhaps more importantly) the discovery of chocolate.

After sorting the puzzle pieces based on the symbols on their backs, there is a briefing. There are first instructions here and on the first map. Now the steering wheel and stages of the time spiral have to be puzzled in three dimensions. With the steering wheel and the ring of time, by solving the riddles you will always find new riddle cards, which all have to be solved in order to put the present in order again. 

Both adventures are suitable for 1-4 people aged 12 and over. Saving the past lets the players travel between two and three hours into the future.

Here is an explanation of what's new from Ravensburger: 


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Even more escape fun for riddle and puzzle friends

There are also innovations from Ravensburger with one dimension less. With the new titles of the trilogy Exit—The Circle The players "travel" to Paris, Rome or London and have to solve tricky puzzles there. The central element here is a four-part turntable in the middle of the puzzle motif. The hidden puzzles can only be solved with their help. 

And Ravensburger also has something for puzzle lovers for the pre-Christmas period. With EXIT – The Advent Calendar: The Abandoned Factory you search the rooms of an abandoned toy factory day after day. The advent calendar of medium difficulty is recommended for ages 10 and up.

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