As Board Game Circus reports, the current corona situation in international sea freight traffic is having an impact on the delivery of the "Aliens" expansion to Wild Universe. However, it has been postponed and not canceled and the value time will probably remain manageable: the publisher is assuming a date in the “course of the second quarter”. The Wild Space: Aliens expansion introduces the eponymous new breed of crew members to the game: Aliens.

The 108 crew cards of the basic game of Wildes Weltall will be expanded this year. The Aliens expansion adds another 22 cards to the title, plus 20 quartz crystal markers and hostile alien planets for the solo mode of the card game - this is therefore retained with the expansion.

Wild space is not complicated by "aliens".

Wild Universe is a tactical game in which cards must be cleverly combined. With each card played, the crew grows, you collect victory points and lay another foundation stone for an "engine", i.e. a chain reaction. A quality feature of Wildes Universe was the beginner-friendliness already with the basic game. According to Board Game Circus, this will not change with the release of the Wild Universe: Aliens expansion.

A new aspect of the game is added and resource management is necessary, "but without making the game more complicated," according to the publisher. The solo playability is also retained: In addition to the twelve enemy planets in the basic game, there are six more. Otherwise, the tactical card game is aimed at up to four players from around ten years of age. A game lasts about 15 minutes.

Wild Universe is a fast-paced, tactical card game. Image: Board Game Circus

Wild Universe is a fast-paced, tactical card game. Image: Board Game Circus

The story behind the game is easy to tell: On the very edge of the empire, rumors of the discovery of a new galaxy are making the rounds. It is now up to you to explore the treasures and secrets of this galaxy. All you need are your spaceships and a brave crew. Recruit the most capable professionals with the necessary expertise for your daring venture. Deploy robots and complete important missions from ambassadors. Which of you gets the most fame for having the best crew? 

Now there are also aliens, who only become part of the spaceship crew if they have enough of the quartz crystals they coveted, because they serve them as food.

Board Game Circus announced that there will be delays in the delivery of the expansion. The publisher is - like many other publishers - affected by the current effects of the corona pandemic on sea freight traffic. Above all, the current pricing, and the associated cost explosions in the area of ​​logistics, are currently causing problems for publishers. Board Game Circus is currently assuming a delivery in the course of the second quarter, but wants to inform players as soon as more specific information is available.

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