As reported by Schmidt Spiele, the publisher is entering into a cooperation with the fast food giant McDonalds as a promotion partner. "Colorful fun with your favorite heroes" is the motto under which Schmidt Spiele and McDonalds put their cooperation. There are also toys to match, including the heroic Benjamin Blümchen or the super witch Bibi Blocksberg.

Such promotions are not new: In the “Happy Meal” you will find toys from well-known manufacturers, mostly knitted around the start of films or series or trendy toy brands. In autumn, the Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele will try to get parents and children excited about new games and some classics. Instead of throwaway plastic, there are now small board games in the former “junior bag”.

Family and children's games with juice and apple wedges

When little Freddy begs for his “Happy Meal” at McDonalds from September 24th, mom won't hesitate and give the boy a choice: There are fries and nuggets, but in return the little one has to join a family group Don't worry about participating or playing with Papa Ligretto. Toys, including board games, are included in the McDonald's “Happy Meal” children's menu during the campaign period until November 4th.

In addition to the classics Mensch ärgere dich nicht and Ligretto, Verlag Schmidt Spiele promotes other titles, such as the fast-paced search game Monsterjäger or the magnetic confusion game Die Geistertreppe by Drei Magier. In order for the advertising partners to attract sufficient attention, the campaign will be accompanied by TV spots, among other things.

Benjamin Blümchen invites you to "hide in the zoo". Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

Benjamin Blümchen invites you to “hide in the zoo”. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

The surprises also include the two children's games “Hide and Seek in the Zoo” with the talking elephant Benjamin Blümchen, as well as the title “The bewitched hex potion” with the young witch Bibi from Neustadt. Both games could well be described as the driving forces behind the action.

The promotion takes place nationwide, so Schmidt Spiele, in over 1.400 McDonalds restaurants. The chances are good that one or two newcomers will be infected by the hobby “board game” in the period from September 24th to November 4th.


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