There are free games again in the Epi Games Store - this time there is a highlight for board gamers: Gloomhaven. The principle of action remains the same. Players with an Epic Games Store account can easily secure and download the free games in the store. 

In the upcoming free promotion there is a nice video game as a freebie with Ark: Survival Evolved. The blockbuster game is about survival in a dinosaur era. The open game world paired with deadly dangers provides excitement - the second part of the game with Vin Diesel is scheduled to appear in 2023. So when, if not now, should Ark: Survival Evolved be available for free? The far bigger surprise awaits board gamers in the Epic Games Store

Gloomhaven digital for free

With Gloomhaven digital there is a real hit completely free in the Epic Games Store. The game is almost a 1:1 adaptation of the enormously successful board game that came onto the market in German via Tierra del Fuego. That's not all: there is also Frosthaven for the successor meanwhile news again, albeit not entirely good ones. In any case, you can now pass the time until the release of the successor board game digitally with Gloomhaven – some downloadable content has already been released for the game.  

In the dungeon crawler, a troop of mercenaries ends up in a medieval dark fantasy world, where dangers await too. And not too tight. 

You can play Gloomhaven digitally alone or with friends. Is that even fun? And yes, we only recently had that here in one Test of the digital version of Gloomhaven written down. The video game version had one advantage anyway: it was significantly cheaper than the board game. And now the offshoot is even available completely free of charge in the Epic Games Store – autumn can hardly start better. On Steam, the digital board game has a sensational score of 9.000 percent positive votes from over 87 reviews.

From September 22nd you can secure Gloomhaven - and also Ark: Survival Evolved. But you shouldn't wait long - there's only time for a week, then there will be supplies again.

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Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven * Currently no reviews 142,99 EUR

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