The digital board game Game of Thrones is still available for free in the Epic Games store. But fans shouldn't hesitate much longer - the campaign only runs until June 30th.

The digital version of the "Game of Thrones" board game is available completely free of charge in the Epic Games Store for a few more days. A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition is an adaptation that closely follows the original. The board game experience is basically only optically spiced up and prepared for the video game segment.

Game of Thrones: Free board game

Every Thursday, Epic Games provides new free titles via its in-house store - rarely, but every now and then, there is an offer for "gambling board players". Currently there is A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition, the adaptation of the original board game by Fantasy Flight Games, but without the two add-ons "Food for the Crows" and "A Dance with Dragons". The offer should not be missed given the high quality of the digital board game.

Above all, those fans who have struggled with the purchase so far should strike. This also applies to all those board games that are unsure whether they can do anything with digital board games at all. In the meantime, the implementation of modern board games has often been more than successful. The Game of Thrones board game is even an example of a particularly good example. In the digital board game, fans can compete against other players or against AI opponents.

The digital board game is based - like the "analogue" template - on the story penned by the author George RR Martin. The associated series adaptation will soon start a new round. In the medieval fantasy world of Westeros, various noble houses compete for the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones board game isn't the first high-end digital parlor game made available for free through Epic Games. Here is a list of all of them free games previously released on the Epic Games Store.

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