The game “Endzone - A World Apart” is already thrilling fans in its early access version. But the trend potential did not come as a complete surprise, so the video game is reminiscent of a promising mix of the hit games “Anno” and “Fallout”. Endzone thus joins the ranks of development strategy and survival games, which are currently very popular with players. Today publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studios announced the release of the ninth major update, Livestock, for Endzone.

The award-winning indie game Endzone - A World Apart, released this year, is a survival and city-building game that takes place in the end times and follows a group of refugees who are leaving their underground bunker for the first time after a nuclear terrorist attack.

Endzone is reminiscent of Fallout and Anno

The main task of the video game for fans of building games is to rebuild the settlements that were abandoned 150 years ago and then to protect them from all environmental influences and dangers that a nuclear disaster brings with it. The invisible dangers, such as the radiation values, the humidity of the environment and protection from acid rain, play a particularly vital role here. The story of Endzone is reminiscent of Fallout and is played in the tried and tested Anno manner: Here resources have to be collected, roads built and workers sent on missions, quests solved and tricky scenarios played.

The ninth update to Endzone promises more possible resources

Today the ninth big update “Livestock” for Endzone - A World Apart was announced, which should provide for some new wild and farm animals as well as for two helpful buildings. The players of the development game with apocalyptic mood now have to use a hunting lodge to catch game, which can later be kept and bred as livestock on the new building “pasture” and thus provide useful resources.


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In addition, a food counter will be available to the players as an additional building from the time of publication. This provides the settlers with filling food, such as cakes and stews, without having to walk long distances.

Endzone's tutorial has been expanded to include explanations of how to use the new buildings so that players can get into the production and processing of food as quickly as possible and catch, tame and breed their first wild animals. A busy Discord server is also available to players for further questions. The new update brings a lot of new animals with it, a new building to be able to use them skillfully and another new building that provides food that the settlers of Endzone are supposed to satisfy.

Endzone - A World Apart was developed by Gentlymad Studios and published by Assemble Entertainment. The end-time survival and development game is currently in Early Access on the Steam platform, the Standard Edition is for 23,99 euros, the Save the World Edition for 33,99 euros and the Colonies of the Apocalypse Bundle available for 66,97 euros and should be fully released in 2021.

In the end zone development game, a new settlement has to be built after a nuclear terrorist attack. Image: Assemble Entertainment

In the end zone development game, a new settlement has to be built after a nuclear terrorist attack. Image: Assemble Entertainment

Assemble Entertainment has teamed up with the nonprofit One Tree Planted for the Save the World Edition to plant a tree for every purchase of the bundle. In addition, buyers of this version of the game will also receive a free copy of the game's soundtrack.

Endzone - A World Apart will keep repeating before the final release of the building strategy and survival game in 2021 Receive content updates. According to a press release from the developer, players can look forward to new buildings, upgrades, system updates and various gameplay improvements in December 2020.


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