Burnt Island Games and the Grand Gamers Guild are releasing a new entry in the Endeavor board game series, Deep Sea. Descend into the depths of the ocean: as the subtitle suggests, Endeavor: Deep Sea is set underwater. 

Endeavor: Deep Sea is aimed at up to five players, but can also be played alone. The new board game from Burnt Island Games and the Grand Gamers Guild this time focuses not on the action above the waves, but below. 

Off to the depths! 

An independent research institute aims to protect life under water. The maritime balance should be restored - and it is of course up to the players to implement exactly that. You will need to assemble a team of experts, each with unique skills. Then it's time to explore the ocean, investigate dive sites and discover new places.

An interim goal: to collect scientific findings in order to publish critical reports in relevant research magazines and to initiate conservation projects. 

Endeavor: Deep Sea is not fundamentally new. The board game will be based on the previous title Endeavor: Age of Sail. However, the creators have given the whole thing a new – and ecologically very topical – twist. Unsurprisingly, Endeavor: Deep Sea was designed jointly by Jarrat Gray and Carl De Visser, the creative minds behind both the original Endeavor and Endeavor: Age of Sail.

The publishers are also cooperating with those who have previously worked together on Endeavor: Age of Sail. Burnt Island Games fans know from games like In the Hall of the Mountain King from 2019, among others. Endeavor in its original version is a board game for two to five players, in which the aim is to establish shipping routes to cities on to connect the entire world. Players steer the fate of shipping companies in order to raise their business - in the course of the game you access more and more efficient actions.   

The board game must first go through a crowdfunding campaign. It runs through Gamefound and is scheduled to launch in January 2023. 


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