The French publisher Holy Grail Games convinced almost 5.000 supporters in April last year with the dice placement game Encyclopedia. The challenging strategy game will now be released in German by Asmodee.

Encyclopedia is quickly explained: By placing dice, 1 - 4 players can obtain money and useful seals, recruit experts for their research campaign, choose animals to study or lead expeditions to other continents. The research results can then be published in order to impress the public and thus increase one's own reputation. The player with the most prestige wins the game. But as soon as it is learned, the harder it is to really master the game.

The Kennerspiel should be available in stores in the first quarter of this year and can already be pre-ordered. The limited first edition of the game will include the Sepultus Creatura mini-expansion.

Information about Encyclopedia - research trip into the animal kingdom

Number of players: 1 – 4
Age: from 14 years
Playing time: 60 - 120 minutes
Core mechanics: dice placement game

Author: Eric Duus, Olivier Melison
Illustrations: Joëlle Drans, Jérémie Prugneaux, Ronan Toulhoat
Publisher: Asmodee, Holy Grail Games
Official Website: Link

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