The Embracer Group is still on a shopping spree. The Swedish media group recently took over other companies, Perfect World Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics.

The media group Embracer Group is closing in on further flanks: the group is positioning itself more broadly by taking over Dark Horse Comics, Perfect World Entertainment, the animation studio DIDIC and the developer Shiver Entertainment.

Dark Horse Comics: License Offensive?

Dark Horse Comics is known for works on 300, Hellboy and Sin City, among others. With the takeover, the Comic-Verlag will become Embracer's tenth operational unit. The group closes after the planned Acquisition of Asmodee another gap in the non-digital segment.

Exact project plans are not known, but synergies for digital and analog license adaptations could result. Due to the broad positioning of the Embracer Group, future collaborations between the basically independently operating subsidiaries are conceivable and likely. At Dark Horse Comics, CEO Mike Richardson is impressed by the new transmedia opportunities.

This could have an impact on the board game segment as well as in the video game sector, due to the broad group portfolio, cross-sector projects are an opportunity to open up new target groups for the respective subsidiaries.

Embracer subsidiary Gearbox Entertainment had previously taken over Cryptic Studios and the publisher Perfect World Entertainment; Saber Interactive acquired Shiver Entertainment and the animation studio DIGIC.

The Embracer Group is currently on the offensive when it comes to acquisitions. It wouldn't be surprising if more acquisitions follow in the face of the new year. In the meantime, Embracer has covered several previously uncovered flanks: board games, MMORPGs, comics and animated films. Before that, the media group was mainly active in the games segment, including Koch Media, Gearbox and THQ Nordic. The new acquisitions indicate a change in corporate activities towards a multi-purpose group. Players could benefit from this if the respective subsidiaries pool their experience in favor of joint projects.

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