Ember Knights, the new action-packed roguelite from Asmodee Digital and Doom Turtle, is now available in Early Access on Steam (PC) for $14,99. Players take on the role of the Ember Knights, the last hope of a troubled universe, in a fast-paced battle to defeat the insane witcher Praxis and his hordes.

In the early access phase, Doom Turtle will support the game with regular patches and content updates until the full release in 2023 with the help of Asmodee Digital. Over the next few months, the first three new updates will introduce more weapons, relics, gameplay features, a fourth world and its enemies.

Ember Knights for PC: Early Access phase running

Much more is yet to be announced. Players can already look forward to the first update coming next month. It will include a powerful new weapon, new relics, and several fixes and improvements.

In addition to all the weapons, skills, relics, enemies, rulers, challenges and gameplay features yet to be introduced in the game, the development team also intends to perfect and polish the game with the help of the community. Doom Turtle and Asmodee Digital are keen to involve players in all important decisions through their feedback and comments.

Ember Knights takes players on an exciting 16-bit adventure in a retro pixel art universe. Legendary warriors can fight through the levels - either alone or with up to three friends - and defeat hordes of enemies from specters to witchers. However, in order to emerge victorious from a fight, the play style must be adapted every time.

In Ember Knights hack and slash combat, players must master perfectly timed attacks to defeat all enemies using available skills. There are a variety of skills, weapons, and relics to choose from, allowing players to customize their playstyle through hundreds of combinations.

Early Access for Ember Knights is now available on Steam (PC). Players can purchase the game for €14,99. Keyboard and mouse control will be possible, but a controller is recommended for the ultimate gaming experience. Ember Knights can be played solo, online and in local co-op for up to four players.

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