Frontier Developments today releases Update 14 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, beginning the Thargoid war against humanity. The Thargoid assault is led by eight giant anomalies called Maelstroms, each accompanied by countless Thargoid ships whenever an invasion of a system begins. The truth behind what lies within each Maelstrom - which appear as vast clouds of caustic gas when approached in space - is a mystery for commanders to uncover.

Update 14 brings major changes to Thargoid behavior in Elite Dangerous. With new system stats reflecting the ongoing progress of this war, commanders can help shape the fate of each system by pushing back the Thargoid invaders - both by fighting them directly and by aiding humanity through less confrontational means. Systems that fall victim to the Thargoids will undergo visible transformations, with starports and settlements severely damaged or even abandoned.

Update 14 brings new things

This development was probably only a matter of time. In the Elite Dangerous storyline to date, the controversial character Salvation has attempted to activate an anti-xeno weapon called the Proteus Wave against the Thargoids, which failed and resulted in catastrophic casualties. Now, humanity must deal with the horrifying consequences of this provocation as locations in the game that players have long thought safe come under heavy fire.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 14 also includes an updated Thargoid interceptor, the Orthrus. This interceptor, taking into account the changed strategy of the Thargoids at the beginning of the event, will not behave like the existing ships in the game and its exact purpose must be revealed in order for humanity to have a chance to stop the Thargoid attack.

Players take control of their own spaceship in an unforgiving galaxy. As an ally, pirate, bounty hunter, smuggler, explorer, assassin or hero, it's up to the commander to fly alone or team up with friends to fight for a common cause. Every action influences the ever-changing history of the entire galaxy. Starting with a small starship and a handful of credits, Commanders must do whatever it takes to earn the skills, knowledge, wealth, and power to rise to the ranks of the elite - and hold their own.

All players who own a copy of Elite Dangerous on PC and are playing in Live mode will have access to the Extended Story with Update 14, regardless of whether they own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available now on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the Frontier Store. Elite Dangerous is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games and the Frontier Store.

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