Frontier Developments plc has concluded Elite Dangerous' Azimuth Saga and announced the next phase of the story, Aftermath. This will be published in Content Updates throughout the rest of the year and beyond. In the finale of the "Azimuth Saga," the controversial character Salvation attempts to stop the Thargoid menace with the Proteus Wave, an anti-xeno weapon. The activation process ended in failure with catastrophic results. Salvation himself, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found.

The beginning of “Aftermath” coincides with Update 13 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, which sets the course for the future of the relationship between humanity and the Thargoids. When commanders head to the anti-xeno conflict zones in system HIP 22460 where the Proteus Wave of Salvation was activated, they will witness the effects themselves: the megaships Bright Sentinel and Heart of Taurus have been destroyed. Wrecks of numerous capital ships and constant Thargoid attacks now await every commander. Ships with Guardian technology will also be at risk in HIP 22460 as the modules will quickly decay or even be destroyed.

New cinematic

After completing the Azimuth Saga, the way players are a part of the events in Elite Dangerous will change. The base game of Elite Dangerous and Odyssey are currently based on different code bases - 3.8 and 4.0 respectively. To ensure that the storyline can continue to grow in scope and quality, new events and gameplay elements will only be released on the 4.0 code base in the future.

Elite Dangerous on PC

Anyone who owns a copy of Elite Dangerous on PC will receive the 4.0 codebase, which includes updated graphics and all of the post-Odyssey update improvements in performance, UI/UX, and other features. Players do not need to own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to access 4.0 - details on how 4.0 will be made available to all Elite Dangerous players on PC will be announced at a later date. Players who wish to experience the Odyssey content on foot, among other features, have the option to purchase it separately.

Elite Dangerous on Console

Frontier's goal is to bring the next phase of the Elite Dangerous storyline to as many players as possible, including the upcoming option for PlayStation and Xbox console players to benefit from a limited-time console profile transfer so they can take advantage of the 4.0 code base already when switching to the PC.

The option to continue playing all existing Elite Dangerous content in 3.8 instead of moving to 4.0 will remain available for PC and console players.

The next major phase of Elite Dangerous has now begun, with more content coming soon - Update 14 will be pivotal to the game as the "Aftermath" storyline unfolds.

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