After the announcement that an Elder Scrolls tabletop is to appear at the end of the year, the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment is now following up and is releasing the first images of the miniatures that will be included in the starter set of “Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms”.

Starter set with resin miniatures

The first pictures of the promotional miniatures were already promising. They showed a dragon born with a customizable figure base. Modiphius Entertainment has now published another batch of images that transform the resin miniatures from the starter set into the new tabletop "Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms”Show, including draugr and skeletons as well as figures from the factions of the Imperials and Stormcoats.

The Elder Scrolls miniatures game The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is expected to appear at Christmas 2019. Modiphius will also publish promo figures. Further information on the Elder Scrolls Tabletop is also available at

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