The tabletop RPG Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms, based on Bethesda's popular video game series, is regularly expanded by Modiphius Entertainment with new miniatures and other accessories. The global effects of the corona pandemic now meant that the British publisher had to adjust the schedule for future expansions to the Elder Scrolls tabletop. The USA and Canada are primarily affected, but the article is intended to make it much more clear how much the coronavirus pandemic can also affect the games industry, so that longer waiting times cannot be ruled out in some areas. 

Modiphius Entertainment vividly and impressively explains how drastically the pandemic will affect the release plans of the mini-expansions Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms has affected. The global logistics chain is said to have had “the rug pulled out from under them”, and hits with a golf club or other blunt tools also appear in the imagery. In other words: the planned processes were hit damn hard by Covid-19.

Problems from loading the port to customs

It seems like there is hardly an area within the logistics chain that is not affected by the pandemic. As Modiphius Entertainment writes on its official Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms website, there were problems getting ships into ports, loading and unloading them - and there were even significant delays in customs clearance. The pandemic situation is particularly noticeable in the port areas: the restrictions and restrictions lead to understaffing.

According to Modiphius Entertainment, basically only sea transport itself runs smoothly. And even there, one had expected sudden attacks from giant octopuses, it is jokingly said by those responsible for the publishing house. Shipping to the United States has become a kind of lottery.

Countermeasures have been taken by transporting some shipments by air freight. Because other companies had the same idea, prices rose due to the shortage of capacities. Ultimately, lead times are currently difficult to predict.

At Modiphius Entertainment, transparency with regard to shipping times is fundamentally one of the top priorities; it is better not to say anything than to go public with information that is too vague. Modiphius confirms that the planned sets for Elder Scrolls - Call to Arms are on their way to the USA. The publisher currently provides the following periods for the US releases:

  • First week of December: Stormcloak Chieftains and Imperial Officers
  • End of December: Draugr Ancients, Draugr Guardians, Dragon and Secret Bonus Set.
  • End of January: Imperial Reinforcements and Stormcloak Skirmishers
  • Late February: Skeleton Horde
  • End of March: Dragon Priest and Word Wall

The targeted time periods can change, says Modiphius. In Europe, some products have already been shipped, so the original schedule can be kept for some play sets and pre-orders. Nevertheless, here too, of course, it cannot be ruled out that there could be significant delays in the future. As an example, Modiphius states that a delivery landed twice in the port of Rotterdam before it finally came to Great Britain.

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