Probably an Elder Scrolls board game will hit the market sometime in the next few years. At least that's likely, because Chip Theory Games has only officially confirmed that something will be worked out with the license. In a Twitter post, the makers of games like Too many Bondes and Hoplomachus have confirmed their cooperation with Bethesda and Zenimax Online. There is a reason that no details have been revealed at the moment. This is what we asked for at Chip Theory Games.

There wasn't a lot of information that Chip Theory Games published. However, the few were enough to have board games and video gamers perform little dances of joy: A project for the role-playing brand The Elder Scrolls from Bethesda is being worked on by the publisher based in Plymouth, Minnesota. There is no official confirmation that this is a board game. The assumption is obvious, however, after all, Chip Theory Games had previously implemented board games such as Hoplomachus and Too many Bones - each financed through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Board game about Elder Scrolls, probably

There is a reason why Chip Theory Games has not published more than a short teaser in the form of an image. When asked, designer Josh Wielgus confirmed that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Bethesda currently makes it impossible to reveal more. The publisher itself states that further information will follow in 2022. From Wielgus' answer it can be read that this probably roughly means the beginning of the year. Then you want to reveal more about the Elder Scrolls project, Wielgus makes it clear that "significantly more" details can then be expected.

Elder Scrolls gets a lot of attention as a brand for the analog area anyway: After the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment had released a tabletop skirmish game - and is continuously expanding - another "real" Elder Scrolls board game is to come onto the market, this time with a focus on Skyrim. Modiphius is also responsible for this. Over 11.000 fans are already following the preview page on the crowdfunding platform Gamefound.

Now, with the permission of the license holder, Chip Theory Games can also try a project from the Elder Scrolls universe. What exactly the cooperation with Bethesda looks like, whether the publisher and game developer is involved in the design process or only watches over the licensing as an authority, is just as little known as the type of financing: Until now, Chip Theory Games had financed its titles through crowdfunding. With such a strong partner, however, it is possible for the presumed board game to go directly to retail. On the other hand, a Kickstarter campaign is not unlikely, recently other board games that were based on popular video game brands have always been financed by the "swarm" - for example recently Monster Hunter World: The Board Game.

Given the success of Chip Theory Games on the financing platform, it is rather unlikely that crowdfunding in the case of a Kickstarter campaign could cause the Elder Scrolls project to burst at an early stage. The campaign for Hoplomachus: Victorum has only just ended and a coup: the publisher was able to generate over 1.700 percent of the targeted financing target of around 41.000 euros - in total that is over 700.000 euros. Almost 5.000 supporters could be activated. The other crowdfunding projects by Chip Theory Games were no less successful: the tower defense board game Cloudspire generated over half a million US dollars; in the basic version of Too Many Bones it was a quarter of a million. Subsequent projects based on the IP were far more lucrative. The Too many Bones campaign. Undertow ended up with around $ 900.000; Splice & Dice including reprint then cracked the million mark in a later campaign.

Whenever the alleged Elder Scrolls board game hits the market - around 2023 is expected, the game should be funded via Kickstarter - it will probably appear earlier than a new one Elder Scrolls video game, because release will probably take years to come.

What the Elder Scrolls project by Chip Theory Games is ultimately about is completely uncertain. Only from previous games can we conclude that game chips will probably be part of the concept.

Board games with game chips, Chip Theory Games has not only done credit to its publisher - the concept is understood in the scene as a synonym for solid material. Whether it's the Moba board game Cloudspire, the gladiator game Hoplomachus: Origins or the dice builder Too Many Bones: all of the US publisher's highlight titles have been largely positively received by fans and critics. The signs for the success of the Elder Scrolls project are good. There is a system behind the success of the still young publishing house - and that goes beyond "poker chips and neoprene mats", even if they have become trademarks.

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