Elden Ring with the Ring Fit Controller? That's fine. The streamer "SuperLouis64" has provided proof of this. And not only that: he not only moves his hero, but also masters a boss fight at the same time.

ok, Elden Ring is lighter than Dark Souls, but still a tough title for many players. The normal passage was obviously not challenging enough for the "SuperLouis64" stream, he grabbed the Nintendo Ring Fit Controller to simply carry out fights and movement using motion control - with success: he beat the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil comparatively easily out of his shoes.

Elden Ring Fit....

The Youtuber grabbed the Ring Fit controller from Nintendo's fitness game Ring Fit Adventure, used it to defeat a boss and sent a video viral. The entire Internet is surprised and enthusiastic about the sporting performance of "SuperLouis64". Where others fail on the gamepad, the streamer celebrates success under difficult conditions. However, it is a sweat-inducing pleasure, because attacks and movements can actually only be carried out "in motion".

By the way, the streamer explains how the whole thing works in his video: The direction of the movement is triggered via the stick on the Joy-Con, but the hero only moves as long as you jog. For attacks you also have to actually move or press the Ring Fit Controller. It is possible to heal yourself, you can do that with a squat.

It shouldn't be easy to combine the necessary coordination in Elden Ring with the necessary body control. After all, the Youtuber has some practice: "SuperLouis64" had previously done something similar with Dark Souls or Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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