The release of Elden Ring is getting closer, at least in small steps. At E3 2019, Bandai Namco and From Software showed a trailer for the video game that George RR Martin is also working on - then things got quieter around Elden Ring. Now there is information about the Playstation games that will be shown at the Taipei Game Show. Lo and behold: Elden Ring is there. The Taipei Game Show will take place from February 6th to 9th. 

So Elden Ring will definitely become the line-up* that Sony plans to present at the Taipei Game Show. What exactly the company will show about the From Software video game is uncertain. The title shouldn't be playable in the exhibition area; Sony will probably show a new trailer instead.

Elden Ring: Little news since E3 2019

At E3 2019, fans could watch an announcement trailer for Elden Ring. In the time after the show - and that's been many months now - it was quiet about the game. Now fans are hoping that at least one new trailer, maybe even gameplay, could be shown at the Taipei Game Show.

Here is the trailer from E3 2019 for Elden Ring:

It is not entirely improbable that a much deeper insight into Elden Ring could be granted. The release of Elden Ring is getting closer and closer. If you believe the development team and their New Year's card campaign, the game could be released as early as June 2020.

On the Japanese website, From Software distributed New Year's cards at the beginning of the year that showed various motifs, including Sekiro: Shadows die twice and Elden Ring. In an postscript it was stated that the release of Elden Ring will take place in June 2020, which defines the release period quite specifically. The retail chain Target had already named the month as a release date.

Official statements from From Software or publisher Bandai Namco were no longer available. The postcard notice is a long way off before an official announcement is made.

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